“For Me It’s a Question of Honor”: After Jose Aldo Yet Another UFC Legend in Talks for Facing Floyd Mayweather in the Boxing Ring


The boxing and MMA neighborhood was just recently abuzz after reports of a bout in between Floyd Mayweather and previous UFC champ Jose Aldo began doing the rounds. The Brazilian even verified the news throughout an interview, declaring that both celebrations remained in settlements presently.

While that match-up will no doubt be an amusing one, a previous UFC champ and legend divulged in a fresh interview that he too was provided a bout versus the boxing super star. Making this substantial discovery in an interview with TSN, this previous fighter offered a rather interesting take on a battle versus perhaps the best fighter of the generation.

Weather Previous UFC champ declares to have actually gotten a boxing deal from Floyd Mayweather


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Previous welterweight and middleweight champ Georges St-Pierrewhile speaking with a reporter of ‘The Sports Network’, revealed that he too had a deal from Mayweather for a boxing match. Not remarkably, GSP likewise divulged that he was not too crazy about the match in spite of the enormous quantity of cash associated with the battle.

“For me, it’s a concern of honor. It’s not about cash. You can not purchase me.” the 41-year-old discussed.

For fans of the Canadian legend, this will not come as a huge surprise. GSP is rather popular as somebody who chased after the magnificence that included his efficiencies instead of the enormous cash battles which lots of fighters are extremely crazy about presently.

Weather GSP would choose an MMA battle or a hybrid match

The previous champ likewise comprehended the risks of entering the ring with among the very best fighters of the generation. In order to produce a level playing field, he declared that he requested for him to be able to use kicks or takedowns as a part of the contract.

“It’s either you let me utilize my legs or the takedown,” he mentioned.


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Throughout the interview with TSN, GSP continued to stress that he would use up that battle just if it was a hybrid match-up where elements of MMA might enter location.


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“For me it’s, they wan na battle me they need to accept my terms … there requires to be a reasonable compromise, a 50-50 compromise, otherwise I’m refraining from doing it,” he described.

Contributing to this, the MMA legend likewise understood how a hybrid battle with Mayweather would precisely decrease. Declaring that ‘Money’ would stand no possibility, he stated,”I’ll make it through the boxing round and they will not endure the MMA, this I ensure you.”


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There’s no rejecting that an MMA bout might wind up unsightly for any fighter, and perhaps GSP’s choice to request something comparable to it does make good sense. What do you think about his declaration? Do you believe GSP could handle Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring? How would the MMA legend fare? Let us understand in the remarks.

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