After 86 YO Jack Nicholson’s Fight With Nikola Jokic’s 7 feet Brothers, Shaquille O’Neal Explains What That Tells United States About the 2x Nuggets MVP


Tickets for the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets game were on sale. To complete the sweep, the Nuggets defeated the Lakers 4-0 in both games. Los Angeles made every effort to prevail in each of the four video games, but it never did. The Nuggets’ Jokic brothers and longtime Lakers supporter Jack Nicholson were both frequent visitors to the Arena to show their allegiance.

After the Lakers lost three straight games, things between the 86-year-old and Nikola Jokic’s siblings were a little heated. Veteran athlete and former Lakers centre Shaquille O’Neal decided to talk about what it means for the two-time MVP on his podcast.

Games Shaquille O’Neal shares what he considers the off-court spoken run-in

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Frequently, the four-time champion discusses the NBA of today on “The Big Podcast with Shaq.” The 2000 MVP couldn’t help but praise the Denver Nuggets despite his conceivable little prejudice in support of the Los Angeles Lakers. Shaq began by praising the Serbian centre before turning the conversation to the Denver center’s siblings, Strahinja and Nemanja Jokic, and the lessons that could be drawn from their antics off the court.

Nicholson, a three-time Oscar winner, is undoubtedly an ardent Laker fan. In fact, the 86-year-old spent the majority of the season’s championship game sitting courtside. However, in game three against the Nuggets, Nicholson lost his composure after witnessing a loss and a lot of profanity from the Jokic twins.

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Shaq believes the Jokic twins have the audacity to criticise Nicholson because they are aware of the immense potential of the Nuggets centre. The four-time winner stated in his podcast, “You know what’s insane. I made a discovery. In a video, his brothers may be seen making fun of Jack Nicholson. It’s clear how big that is.

He declared, “He ain’t no punk, they got 2 massive dudes like that. That’s what I recommend. In spite of the fact that he is not a punk, he is performing in such manner.

Particularly the Jokic siblings have engaged in violent fights with other people in the past.

Games Jokic bros’ run-in with the Suns

Like the 6-foot-11 megastar, Nemanja Jokic and Strahinja Jokic are two giants. In actuality, Jokic’s siblings have served as two of his pillars in life. Each postseason, the two fly over from Serbia to show their appreciation for supporting the maestro of the triple-double.

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Devin Booker and the Jokic siblings had argued verbally after the Suns terminated the Nuggets’ postseason run. After the two-time MVP shoved Markieff Morris in an incident, the Jokic siblings made sure they were in the arena to defend their sibling. Furthermore, they established a Twitter account just for promoting Jokic.

The Jokic brothers want to watch the Finals from the stands in the hopes that their renowned brother will take home a trophy. The Finals are set to start in the coming days.

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In the 2023 NBA Finals, this essay predicts that LeBron James, Lewis Hamilton, and Leonardo DiCaprio will all perform admirably.

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