In his professional boxing career, Floyd Mayweather Jr. was unbeatable, retiring with a perfect record of 50 wins and no defeats. Mayweather Jr. appears to be enjoying himself well while living large. Mayweather has been cited by several females in the same sentence. New followers joined his ranks as his renown grew. Mayweather promptly explained why he had never been married.

An old video of UFC 288 champion Aljamain Sterling making a Mayweather Jr. joke has surfaced online before of his title defence against Henry Cejudo. The audience may be taken aback by this recollection.

Weather Floyd Mayweather Jr. attempted taking Sterling’s sweetheart

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The reigning Bantamweight champion accused the former five-division world champ of sending members of his gang “to choose her up” in a podcast with Barstool Sports.More than a year has passed since Sterling appeared on the podcast in this footage.

He dispatched over his goons to try to pick her up, Sterling recalled. The 33-year-old spokesman specified that the account was dated 2016. I think he sent over a guy,” he elaborated. And we were told that we can both be reduced. Man, I’m not an idiot. You guys are going to try to grab her and force me to give up as we pass by there.

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Mayweather Jr.’s shenanigans would not go unpunished, and Sterling dared him to a fight. The ‘Funk Master’ apparently informed one of Mayweather’s emissaries that the latter planned to eliminate them. Then he said, β€œHe arrived with a lady. It’s all about context, I said. Like Floyd Mayweather in boxing, I am unbeaten in mixed martial arts. Now is your chance to settle the debate over which sport is tops.

Weather Who is Floyd Mayweather Jr. presently dating?

Mayweather Jr.’s personal life has never belonged in the limelight. The former five-division world champion has been lucky enough to date several beautiful women. And the newest information about his girlfriend comes from the year 2021. Reportedly dating is Floyd Mayweather Said Lisa Hernandez


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The 2 have actually made various public looks together. And the 2 stimulated dating reports after the champ’s split from TikTok feeling Gallienne NabilaIt doubts whether he is still in a relationship with Hernandez or not. As there have actually been no updates concerning his individual life.

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The two have made several joint public appearances. After the champion’s breakup with TikTok heartthrob Gallienne Nabila, rumours of a romance between the two quickly spread.His status with Hernandez is called into question. Since there have been no reports about his personal life lately.

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