All one of the most Useful “Hey Google” Voice Commands


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Hey Google voice commands let you do all examples, like getting the present weather condition info to discovering flights to a particular location– all without touching your gadget. Here, we note a few of the helpful commands that you can utilize with Google Assistant on your phone, tablet, or center.

Call, Text, or Email People With Hey Google Voice Commands

The next time you wish to call somebody, do not by hand open the Phone app and call the number or choose a contact. Rather, utilize among the following commands to put the call or send out a text:

  • Call [phone number]
  • Call Jane Doe
  • Call once again — redial the last dialed number.
  • Hang up — end the call.
  • Text John Doe “How are you?” — send out a text to an individual conserved in your contact list stating “How are you?”.
  • Send out an e-mail — open the make up e-mail window in Gmail.
  • Send out a WhatsApp message to Jane Doe — launch WhatsApp and send out a message to an individual conserved in your contacts.

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Usage Your Phone Features With Voice Commands

You can make it possible for and disable different functions of your phone, such as the flashlight, utilizing voice commands. In this manner, you do not need to by hand open the Settings app and search for your alternative.

  • Bluetooth pairing — link a Bluetooth device like earphones or a gamepad with your gadget.
  • Discover my phone — discover your phone’s area.
  • Modification settings — launch your gadget’s Settings app.
  • Switch off Wi-Fi — shut off your gadget’s Wi-Fi.
  • Increase/decrease the brightness — alter your display screen brightness.
  • Turn on/off the flashlight — make it possible for or disable your flashlight.
  • Take an image — catch a picture with your gadget’s rear video camera.
  • Take a selfie — catch an image with your gadget’s front cam.
  • Discover my images from New York City— discover images utilizing a name or other keyword.

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Browse the Web With These Voice Commands

To get the meaning for a word, take a look at today’s projection, or simply learn medical details about a specific illness, utilize among the following commands with Hey Google:

  • Browse “How-To Geek” on Google — browse the defined inquiry on Google Search.
  • What’s the weather condition like today?
  • Is [business] presently open?
  • What’s the Amazon stock cost?
  • Specify [word] — get the meaning for your defined word.
  • Browse to [place name] — launch Google Maps to gain access to instructions to the defined area.
  • Where is [place name] situated? — discover the place of the defined location.
  • How old is [celebrity name] — discover the defined individual’s age.
  • How is cancer triggered? — discover medical info about the defined illness.
  • Today’s news — hear what’s trending today.
  • What films are launching today?

Music Playback-Related Google Voice Commands

To play music or manage the playback of the presently playing music, utilize the following voice commands:

  • Play some hip-hop music — play random hip-hop music.
  • Play [Song Name]
  • Play [Your Playlist Name]
  • Play the 2nd episode of the [Podcast Name]
  • Turn up/down the volume — boost or reduce the volume.
  • Set the volume to [1-10] — you can likewise utilize portion.
  • Stop briefly the music
  • Silence the music
  • Quick forward/backward 2 minutes
  • What’s playing? — discover info about the presently playing music track.

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Time and Measurement-Related Hey Google Commands

To learn what time it is right now someplace, or to establish a timer for a particular variety of minutes, utilize these Hey Google voice commands:

  • What’s the time today? — informs the time of your present place.
  • What’s the time today in London? — informs the time of the defined place.
  • Set an alarm for 9 AM
  • Snooze alarm
  • Cancel alarm for 9 AM
  • Set a timer for 5 minutes
  • Transform 10 United States Dollars to British Pounds — do not hesitate to utilize any currency.
  • Transform 10 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • Where am I?
  • Turn a coin
  • Inform me the dish for [dish name]

Travel-Related Hey Google Voice Commands

If you’re taking a trip or preparing to do so, you can make your jobs a little simpler by utilizing these voice commands.

  • Keep in mind that I’ve put our visas in our bed room cabinet — inform Google to remember details, which can be remembered later on.
  • Where did I put our visas? — remember the details conserved with Google.
  • Discover flights from [Origin City] to [Destination City]
  • Discover the very best hotels in [City Name]
  • How far is [Hotel Name] from [Airport Name]
  • What locations to go to in [City Name] — get suggestions of locations to go to in your defined city.
  • Discover Italian dining establishments near me — discovers the defined kind of dining establishments near your gadget place.

Shopping-Related Hey Google Voice Commands

If you’re situated in the continental United States, you can buy products on Google Shopping right from Hey Google. Here are the commands that make it possible.

  • Buy eggs
  • Include milk to my wish list
  • Purchase [Item Name] from [Store Name] — purchase products from a particular shop.
  • What’s in my cart? — inspect the items in your shopping cart.
  • Eliminate [Product Name] from my cart — eliminate the defined item from your shopping cart.
  • Clear my cart — eliminate all items from your shopping cart.

Voice Commands to Manage Your Chromecast

If you have actually a Chromecast connected to your Google account, the following commands will assist you play multimedia material and alter the volume on your gadget.

  • Play [Song Name] on my Chromecast
  • Play [Video Name] on Chromecast — play the defined video from YouTube.
  • Power off/on my Chromecast — turn off/on the television linked to your Chromecast.
  • Play/pause my Chromecast — play/pause the presently playing media on your Chromecast.
  • Set my Chromecast volume to 3 — change your Chromecast volume.

Handle Smart Home Devices With Your Voice

If you have actually connected your wise house gadgets, such as wise lights, to your Google account, you can utilize those gadgets’ functions by just stating these commands:

  • Turn on/off the living-room lights
  • Brighten/dim the cooking area light
  • Set the heat to 50
  • Modification the [Light Name]’s color to yellow
  • Turn on/off all the lights in the [Room Name]
  • Lock/unlock the front door— works for clever locks.
  • Tidy the bed room — asks your robotic vacuum to clean your bed room.

Perk: Google Easter Egg Voice Commands

Hey Google has a couple of easter egg commands that you can utilize to have a good time with this digital assistant. Here’s what you can state:

  • How are you?
  • Do a snap roll
  • When am I?
  • Inform me a joke
  • Did you fart?
  • Talk like Yoda
  • Sing me a song/lullaby
  • Match me
  • Who do you enjoy?
  • Do you like me?

And those are a few of the lots of commands you can utilize with Hey Google on your digital gadgets. Take pleasure in getting your jobs done by utilizing simply your voice!

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