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Since I was a child, my video game closet has been a cramped disaster filled with classic board games like Monopoly and Operation, as well as boxes upon boxes of puzzles that I have probably only ever created once. Since moving to NYC, I hardly have room in my home for my clothes, let alone a large collection of parlour games. With over 100 digital video games and activities from industry heavyweights like Hasbro and Asmodee packed into a digital tablet, Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Board aims to address the issue of missing pieces and limited play space.

games Game 1up Infinity Game Board with Battleship on the screen


  • The Infinity Game Board from Arcade1Up packs a tonne of classic video games into a compact digital format.
  • There are 50 games and activities for the living room included, and an online store offers an additional 50 or more.


  • saves space compared to a standard parlour game.
  • Collaborations between Hasbro and Asmodee suggest that you can play a popular parlour game.
  • There are countless puzzle options.
  • The collection of video games grows every month.
  • No more missing parts


  • a touch heavy, and to be truly portable it needs a more expensive battery
  • Some very tactile video games, such as Operation and Hungry Hippos, are not equivalent.
  • The touchscreen can be finicky.

Decision: With Arcade1Up’s Infinity Game Board, aficionados of parlour games and people living in small homes may conserve space without sacrificing possibilities.

The develop

The $499 Infinity Game Board from Arcade1Up is an 18.5-inch touchscreen tablet with HD (1920 x 1080) resolution that enables you to play board games and other activities both locally and online with other Infinity Game Board users. Although it enables games for up to six players, you can play many games and activities with less players or even by yourself. It’s a more lightweight, affordable, and transportable alternative to the company’s $1,000 Infinity Game Table (which was initially an October 2020 Kickstarter project).

It weighs about 7 pounds and measures 18.4″ L x 11.25″ W x 3.25″ H after the legs are extended, making it a quite large device. The ability to tilt those upper hands is especially useful while playing one of the pinball games available on the device. You’ll need to make sure you’re playing fairly close to an outlet because you won’t be able to turn it on without the air conditioning adaptor unless you buy the $199 battery, which is sold separately. But it’s not as big of a hurdle as you might think because the included a/c adaptor has a fairly long 10-foot connection.

games Legs on the bottom of the 1up Arcade Game Board legs
Legs on the bottom of the Infinity Game Board make it more versatile for using surface areas. Chelsey B. Coombs

Games The setup

It’s simple to set up: just plug it in, connect the board to WiFi, and create your Infinity Table account. You are then taken to the main control panel, where you can see the Game Store, which offers both free and paid video games in addition to any titles you already own. Additionally, the Infinity Game Board supports many video games thanks to its 16GB of storage space.

Games The efficiency

Numerous popular board games, like Monopoly, Scrabble, Guess Who, Trivial Pursuit, Battleship, and others, are included for free with the Infinity Game Board, which is a terrific feature. This is most certainly a contributing factor to the device’s $499 price tag; after all, acknowledging all those Hasbro classics can’t be cheap. Thankfully, there are so many included video games and activities that you don’t really need to buy more titles unless you really want to.

Many of those timeless games still function as intended, although with digital animations instead of actual physical components. For me, Monopoly was a huge success. Playing the physical variation gives off a similar feeling. One benefit of the Infinity Game Board is that if your game goes on for too long (who hasn’t endured a six-hour Monopoly slog? ), you can put it down and pick it up later without worrying that your carefully constructed property empire pieces will fall all over the place when you move it from the dining room table. The bulk of the other video games allow you to pause them for a moment and save them for later.

The board also conveniently rotates in several electronic games, such as Scrabble and Connect Four, making it simpler to see during your turn. With a tangible board and pieces, that isn’t really useful.

games Game 1up Infinity Game Board primary menu
The tablet’s menu admits to a lots of video games. Chelsey B. Coombs

Digital vs. physical video games

I was curious in how physical video games like Guess Who and Battleship, which depend on opponents not seeing your pieces, would function on a digital game board, and I found some great solutions the software programme developers had already produced. By holding the digital card for a few seconds until it flips over, allowing you to move your other hand around it so your opponent can’t see, you can remember how your chosen Guess Who figure looks. In Battleship, you can click on a tiny version of the gameboard that you can cover with your hand to view the positions of your fleet.

One of the best parts of my time using the Infinity Game Board was the Puzzle Play. You can choose from a variety of photographs that can be turned into a unique puzzle with 9 to 529 pieces, including those from categories like abstract, architecture, florals, and more. Since the Game Board is too small to arrange the pieces without creating a maddening amount of on-screen chaos, I would probably advise against creating puzzles with the most parts. The larger Infinity Game Table is probably preferable if you intend to immerse yourself completely in puzzles.

Even the background music, which features bird calls and the sound of running water, adds to the tranquilly of the puzzle-solving experience. I spent a lot of time doing puzzles on my own and never got tired. You never have to worry about losing a piece because there are also paid varieties of Puzzle Play available with themed image loads from DC Comics, Game of Thrones, and Harry Potter.

It’s also great that more sophisticated and personalised parlour games are available, usually for a fee. Risk by Hasbro, Pandemic by Asmodee, or Ticket to Ride are all available for $9.99. Fans of Harry Potter will also enjoy the themed versions of Wizard’s Chess and Trivial Pursuit. I hope that additional Asmodee games, particularly ones that link popular cultural licences like Marvel, Star Wars, and Completely Strange Things, will be added to the Game Store in the future.

games Game 1up Infinity Game Board puzzles
Puzzles are a standout when it pertains to enjoyable. Chelsey B. Coombs

The feel of the video games

While many of these video game’s digital versions are entertaining, I frequently missed the tactile stimulation that is such an important component of the parlour game experience. Without physically placing the tiny plastic characters inside the car you move around the board in, what is The Game of Life? Even though there is some tactile feedback on the board, I missed the opportunity to significantly decline the plastic frames in Guess Who that do not fit your challenger’s chosen character and continue the Trouble bubble.

I would completely avoid a handful of the Infinity Game Board video games that lack this tactile sensation because they don’t translate well to a digital screen. It just doesn’t feel right to play Starving Hungry Hippos when you can’t physically push the hippos’ levers to acquire the marbles. Due to the computer controlling where the marbles move and the consequences of being on the wrong side, it almost appeared that there was a predetermined winner. Operation is also a pass for me; instead of relying on physical strength to keep the forceps away from the buzzing edges of the client’s cavities, you simply glide your finger along a simple labyrinth, which is not difficult, even for young children.

The video games and activities that naturally lend themselves to a digital experience, such as Solitaire, Poker, and other card video games, Love Charms (which is essentially Candy Crush), Minesweeper, and, I would imagine, the soon-to-be-downloaded Wheel of Fortune, are what make the Infinity Game Board shine. I hope that Arcade1Up considers this when deciding which video games to provide in the future, perhaps incorporating games like Family Feud or Scene It that would be suitable for this format. Additionally, they might draw on the company’s history with gaming devices by adding more pinball video games or other classics like Pac-Man and Frogger.

Games Who should purchase the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Board?

I enjoyed using the Arcade1Up Infinity Game Board, and it’s worthwhile if you enjoy having family over for board game and puzzle nights, especially if you live in a home without a lot of additional storage space. This is a great purchase just because there are so many different puzzle options. The Infinity Game Board also enables you to play a wide variety of computer games on a larger screen if you regularly play them on your phone or tablet. Some video games, such as Operation and the aforementioned Hungry, Hungry Hippos, will always be superior in their original physical form. However, there are so many other excellent choices available for free and for purchase in the Game Store that the $499 price tag is more than justified.

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