Are Today’s Pedals Too Weird?

Recent pedal designs are wilder and more complex than we could have anticipated even a few years ago, thanks to influences such as modular synthesis, drum manufacturers, and huge leaps in technology.

Rhett and Zach are rocking a timeless style. In this episode, our two hosts talk about different kinds of audio equipment and tones. Today, the guys are discussing cutting-edge pedals. Pedals have come a long way in the past several years, with many new designs taking cues from modular synthesis, drum manufacturers, and technological advancements.

Other pedals, however, may help you streamline your setup by doing things like replacing your tremolo system with a distortion pedal that has an LFO or your sustain pedal with an expression pedal. It’s possible to do almost anything with a pedalboard if you put in the time and effort. And if you haven’t already, a pedal that does exactly what you need may soon be available.

Our hosts’ perspectives are all over the map. Rhett is all about going in deep when it comes to decision making, whereas Zach likes to take things more slowly. Brands such as Chase Bliss, Beetronics, Acorn, and Intensive Care Audio are mentioned as they evaluate the two options and provide their own thoughts and comparisons. They also discuss the development of guitar effects pedals and the innovations they hope to see in the market in the future (control voltage guitars, please).

Rhett’s eye has been drawn to an Eastman, so he and Tim are going to go into it and a Line 6 HX Effects later. What more could possibly be enhanced when you have the basics from Fender, Gibson, Boss, and others?

Zach is in full-on shill mode, praising his Two-Rock Joey Landreth head while Rhett is in the thick of his Chase Bliss Mood. Rhett and Zach would like to know who you are looking forward to meeting the most. Leave a YouTube comment with your ideas for what should be covered in next episodes.

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