Capcom Issues New Controller Rules for Pro Tour 2023


The 2023 Capcom Pro Tour is forming up to be an amazing competition, however it will be one with sort of different-looking matches thanks to a current guideline modification. Capcom has actually clarified some guidelines ahead of the season beginning. Particularly, they’ve weighed into what’s constantly a questionable subject in battling video games, controllers. Capcom has actually provided brand-new CPT Controller guidelines which are going to have a huge effect on many of the very best gamers.

Games The New CPT Controller Rules

The brand-new CPT controller guidelines do not ban any one controller type particularly. They will no longer permit leveless controllers or boxes that enable 2 inputs to be pushed at as soon as with one chose. If a controller has up and down pushed, their brand-new guidelines would require as much as be chosen here. It will just use to Street Fighter 6, not other Capcom video games. This is a huge modification for hit box gamers.

games CPT Rule Change - Capcom Pro Tour

Source: @CapcomFighters

The brand-new CPT controller guidelines may imply gamers need to change things up. We’ve still got a bit till the Street Fighter 6 release date to see what impacted gamers do.

Games What Does it Change?

The brand-new CPT controller guidelines are a bit technical if you’re not too purchased the triviality of controllers, however it is a significant modification. This is particularly going to strike leveless controllers like hit boxes. While hit boxes are questionable, they’ve concerned control a great deal of the leading combating video games.

At last year’s EVO, nearly the whole Capcom Top 8 was utilizing hit boxes instead of more basic gamepads. It has actually reached the point where they have a huge effect on the video game and those who do not utilize them have actually revealed aggravation. This brand-new guideline modification will require a modification in controllers, the majority of struck boxes aren’t going to be legal any longer.

Gamers may not have to change controllers. Struck Box producers have actually recommended they can present a firmware upgrade to make things comply in time for the start of the CPT. With such a substantial reward swimming pool available this time, it’s going to be a steeper competitors than ever. It makes good sense that Capcom is seeking to re-evaluate a few of its guidelines in light of this. We’ll need to see if hit box gamers handle the restriction, or if we’re dealing with a shift in powers for competitive Street Fighter.

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