Chicago weather condition: How our 2022-23 seasonal snowfall compares to previous winter seasons


Sledding, snowman-building and other outside activities were stopped briefly in the Chicago location this winter season since an essential component was missing out on– snow.

With a La Nina environment system in impact, however, Chicago has actually been warmer than average– which indicates snow has actually been limited.

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Could we make up for the snow deficit we are presently experiencing? Stay tuned– we will be tracking it.

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In Chicago, snow seasons are tracked from July through the following June. The location typically can anticipate 38.4 inches, according to the National Weather Service. One of the most snow Chicago has actually ever gotten in one season is 89.7 inches throughout 1978-79. The least– 9.8 inches– happened in 1920-21.

Here’s an appearance back at how our existing snowfall compares to previous seasons.

Information is upgraded since April 6, 2023.

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Sources:National Weather Service Chicago; Tribune archives and reporting

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