China Could Gain Control of Taiwan ‘Without a Shot Fired,’ Rep. McCaul Says

China might get control of Taiwan in the next election in January “without a shot fired,” House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Michael McCaul (R– Texas) stated April 9 on NBC News’ “Meet journalism.”

“Well, they do not desire a military conflict. We definitely do not desire that,” McCaul reacted after he was asked if a military conflict in between China and Taiwan is inescapable.

In 2020, China’s judgment communist celebration enforced its “nationwide security law” on Hong Kong that licensed regional authorities to apprehend and apprehend individuals on extensive nationwide security charges. The relocation was made in the consequences of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong.

That was a “wake-up call for individuals of Taiwan,” McCaul stated, keeping in mind that it assisted protect President Tsai Ing-wen’s re-election.

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Speaker of your house Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) welcomes Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen on arrival at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for a bipartisan conference in Simi Valley, Calif. on April 5, 2023. The historical conference taking place on U.S. soil has actually been welcomed by risks of retaliation by Beijing. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

“Putin’s intrusion in the Ukraine” was likewise an eye-opener, McCaul stated.

“It got up the Taiwanese individuals that now you’re seeing what we have not seen given that World War II, which is totalitarians getting into sovereign area and getting away with it,” McCaul stated.

Taiwan is “extremely worried” about Chinese leader Xi Jinping informing his rubber-stamp congress that he wishes to incorporate Taiwan under Beijing’s guideline, McCaul discussed.

“Now there’s a political argument here with [Taiwan’s] 2 various celebrations. One celebration wishes to speak to China. President Tsai’s celebration does not wish to belong of China. And I believe the next elections next January are going to be exceptionally essential since I do think with the previous President Ma in China today, China’s going to attempt to affect this next election and take control of the island without a shot fired.”

Previous Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou took a trip to China for a 12-day go to at the end of March.

On April 5, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and a bipartisan group of lawmakers met Tsai at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California.

A day prior to that top, the Chinese Embassy in Washington urged the American legislators to not participate in the conference.

“I need to explain that China will not sit idly by in the face of an outright justification and will more than likely take essential and undaunted actions in reaction to the undesirable circumstance. Let’s collaborate to avoid such a thing from taking place,” Li Xiang, a Chinese embassy agent, composed to American legislators.

China called Tsai’s conference with McCarthy as a “justification” and threatened “countermeasures” if the group collected.

On April 8, the Chinese armed force carried out drills, dispatching fighter jets into Taiwan’s air area and surrounding the island with warships to mimic a marine blockade.

After a civil war, Taiwan broke away from China in 1949. When the United States officially developed diplomatic relations with the Chinese federal government in 1979, main ties with Taiwan were severed.

Under its “one China” policy, the United States acknowledges Beijing’s position that Taiwan belongs to China. The United States has not re-established diplomatic relations with Taiwan however does offer the island of around 24 million people with military help.

McCaul led a bipartisan delegation of House members to Taiwan on April 6 to consult with Taiwanese magnate and senior federal government authorities “to go over methods the U.S. can reinforce our financial and defense relationship with Taiwan in the face of growing dangers in the area,” McCaul’s workplace reported.

At a luncheon in Taipei on April 8, McCaul stated that the United States will assist Taiwan with militaries training and speed up shipments of weapons.

“I validated those shipments, and we are doing whatever in our power to accelerate this,” McCaul stated. “Peace through strength is genuine, which’s why we require to solidify Taiwan.”

Speaking on “Meet journalism” from Taiwan, McCaul stated that, in a possible fight with China, the country’s defense capabilities are “not where they require to be.”

“If we’re going to have deterrence for peace, we require to get these weapons into Taiwan,” he included.

McCaul explained that he validated “22 weapon systems over 3 years earlier” and they “have yet to enter Taiwan.”

“That will offer deterrence to Chairman Xi to reconsider, you understand, about an intrusion,” McCaul stated. “And second of all is the fight training that is happening on the island. We require to ramp that as much as a bigger scale so they can supply that forecast of strength and deterrence. They’re not where they require to be today.”

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