‘Counter Strike’ Gun Skin Sells for $400,000


An unusual skin for an AK-47 in the computer game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) simply cost $400,000, according to a banner who helped with the sale

As Reported by Dexerto, CS: GO banner zipeL reported the sale in a tweet. The skin is a blue-chrome task twisted around an AK-47 that’s been covered in radiant blue sticker labels. A personal collector in China bought the skin for $400,000. As part of the very same deal, the collector likewise purchased a knife worth around $100,00.

The AK-47 seems the most costly single CS: GO skin ever offered.

Paying $400,000 for a digital great like a CS: GO skin may appear ridiculous, however the marketplace has actually been around for many years and the products tend to value in worth. zipeL runs a site called skinbid which assists in the sale of these unusual and costly CS: GO skins. He revealed Motherboard a screenshot of cryptocurrency deals totaling up to over $400,000.

Pattern based skins in CS: GO are arbitrarily created. An artist produces a skin, however when a gamer makes or develops a skin in the video game, that skin is designated a random pattern number from 1 to 999. Each pattern number uses the skin to the product in a various variation. The $400,000 AK-47 has a Case Hardened skin and pattern 661.

Other random characteristics are appointed to weapons when they’re produced, consisting of wear and tear. This specific AK-47 has very little wear and tear, making it more appealing. The thing that truly puts the cost over are its sticker labels. CS: GO Has sticker labels that bring their own worths and this specific AK-47 is covered in 4 radiant blue “Titan Katowice 2014” sticker labels, a referral to an old competition and an expert group that controlled the video game prior to one of its leading gamers was prohibited. Every one of these sticker labels chooses around $60,000 on the secondary market and this AK-47 has 4 of them.

$400,000 is an unbelievable quantity of cash for a CS: GO skin, however it’s not the most important. According to Dexetro, that honor comes from a knife that’s thought to have a worth of around $1.5 million, though it’s never ever cost that quantity. The curved blade with a “Case Hardened” skin comparable to the AK-47 cost $100,000 in 2016. Somebody provided to pay more than $1.3 million for the skin in 2015, however the owner denied the deal and stated they wished to claim more


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