Eyeball Pool


Eyeball Games, a new company, is about to create an NFT 8-ball swimming pool video game, which will completely revolutionise the digital pool video game industry.


  • With Eyeball Pool, Eyeball Games is revolutionising the digital pool game industry by allowing players to own and exchange unique NFT assets. Karsten Niemeier and Thomas Elgaard, two experts in the field of swimming pool video games, are now developing the game’s infrastructure.
  • The incorporation of Web3 technology into Eyeball Pool makes for a more enjoyable play experience. It has the same feel as 8 Ball Pool, but players can also own and trade individual pool suggestions when it launches in the first quarter of 2024.
  • The video game will be accessible on Immutable X, with NFTs providing access to exclusive in-game items, bonuses, and an ad-free experience.
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Eyeball Pools NFT Inspired 8-Ball Game

Games The New NFT 8-Ball Pool Game

The imminent release of Eyeball Pool by startup Eyeball Games is set to revolutionise the genre of digital swimming pool video games. Players of this clever game will be able to acquire and sell virtual items known as NFTs. After completing the current beta screening phase, the developers Karsten Niemeier and Thomas Elgaard, who have extensive expertise with swimming pool video games, want to release Eyeball Pool in the first quarter of 2024.

The incorporation of Web3 technology is a major differentiator for Eyeball Pool. Players will appreciate 8 Ball Pool’s classic visuals and the option to collect and exchange their own personal pool tips. The inclusion of a token within the game has the potential to enhance the play experience even further.

On the Cronos blockchain network, Crypto.com was establishing Eyeball Pool. The company has shifted its attention to Polygon with Immutable X. In doing so, it will provide players with additional benefits in the form of unique items and features (NFTs). NFT holders will also have the benefit of being able to play the game in an ad-free mode.

Already this year, Eyeball Pool has made headlines with the release of their limited edition “Balldroid” profile picture NFTs. Building on this momentum, they are getting ready to launch a new series of Balldroid NFTs on the Immutable X network.

Anticipation for Eyeball Pool’s arrival becomes closer as its release date draws near. Players may expect to own and trade NFTs as they take aim and compete against friends in this fantastic new addition to the NFT gaming space.

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