GameStop and Telos Forge Path for Web3 Gaming Advancement


With the help of The Telos Foundation, GameStop has successfully expanded its Web3 gaming community. The partnership brings together two major platforms for video games: Web3 titles on Telos’ distributed ledger and GameStop’s Playr platform. The potential for reaching a larger audience through popular video game distribution channels has been greatly expanded thanks to our collaboration. They’re forging a new era of gaming potential together. Come on, we need to get started.


  • The Telos Foundation and GameStop have joined together to expand the selection of Web3 games available at GameStop.
    Improved user onboarding is only one way that Telos Foundation makes Web3 gaming more enjoyable, swifter, and safer.
    GameStop is shifting its emphasis from brick-and-mortar locations to online platforms, particularly Web3 video games.
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The Next Generation of Gaming with Telos at GameStop: NFTs and Beyond.

Games GameStop and Telos Foundation Join Forces to Revolutionize Web3 Gaming

To further expand GameStop’s Web3 gaming scene, the company has partnered with The Telos Foundation, the organisation behind the Telos blockchain. Telos Foundation serves a crucial purpose in facilitating the initial stages of user engagement. The result is a more enjoyable, faster, and more secure Web3 gaming experience that also gives players greater control over their digital assets.

Telos Foundation’s head of service advancement, AJ Dinger, expressed confidence in the potential of this collaboration. New users will be attracted to the Telos network and the Web3 gaming platform, they claimed. As Dinger pointed out, “we anticipate this collaboration will promote the adoption of Web3 among brand new users. We can overcome the obstacles that have prevented Web2 players from accepting Web3 by combining GameStop Playr with Telos’ high-performance blockchain facilities.

The stock market immediately responded to this news. Telos’ native token, TLOS, saw a notable 10% increase before getting support.

Games GameStop and Telos Embrace the Future

In recent years, GameStop has shifted its strategy away from brick-and-mortar locations and into the online market, particularly in the realm of Web3 gaming. It announced its partnership with the Immutable X blockchain in February 2022. This was done for the most part to create an NFT market in which in-game items could be traded. The market entered a public beta phase in July, and in October of 2022, it was officially unveiled to the public. In May of 2022, GameStop unveiled its own cryptocurrency and NFT wallet that it would self-custody.

It’s incredible to see GameStop make the leap from its traditional roots to the exciting realm of Web3 video gaming. The company also openly acknowledges the future of video games. GameStop’s passion to creating original video game experiences is further demonstrated through its partnership with The Telos Foundation. The video game industry is expanding at a staggering rate, and Telos is well aware of this fact. Over the course of the next two years, it is expected that the Web3 gaming space will attract in excess of 100 million additional users.

Traditional video games are still widely played, but developers and players may find exciting possibilities in blockchain technology and digital properties. Telos has taken advantage of this by launching successful initiatives like Telos Zero and forming strategic alliances with forward-thinking video game companies like GameStop.

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