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Happy Pride, everyone! In honour of Pride month, we’re updating and republishing this list of some of the best and most inclusive video games for the Switch. Enjoy it!

Historically, the video game industry has struggled to accurately represent LGBTQ+ relationships and identities, but things are starting to change owing to the work of independent developers, small studios, and LGBTQ+ creators. There are enough video games on the Nintendo Switch with prominent LGBTQ+ themes that we can actually compile a list, and they are all top-notch as well. We have no more options!

In any case, what exactly constitutes a “LGBTQ+ video game”? It’s more than just a video game that features some form of representation; it’s a game that proudly embraces its queerness.

We’re not including games like Overwatch, which has LGBTQ+ representation in characters like Tracer and Soldier 76, but who were both confirmed to be gay in content outside of the game. We’re also not including Miitopia, Harvest Moon, and Story of Seasons because, despite letting players marry characters of the same gender, they call it “buddies”—which is quite dismissive in 2023.

Please be aware that there are many spoilers in this article because the LGBTQ+ content of many of these video games is a plot component. Pleased spoilers, but spoilers!

Games Night In The Woods (Switch eShop)

games Night In The Woods (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Finji / Designer: Infinite Fall

Release Date: First Feb 2018 (USA / First Feb 2018 (UK/EU

The main focus of the story in Night in the Woods is the paranormal activity in Possum Springs, as well as the personal demons of protagonist character Mae Borowski. However, Mae and her friends also engage in criminal activity and are LGBT in real life. Actually though, that’s their catchphrase: “Be gay, do crime.” Night in the Woods presents a portrait of a group of friends who aren’t afraid to be their most authentic selves, with Mae’s pansexuality and a depiction of a loving gay relationship between Gregg and Angus.

Games Ikenfell (Switch eShop)

games Ikenfell (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Modest Games / Designer: Pleased Ray Games

Release Date: 8th Oct 2020 (USA / 8th Oct 2020 (UK/EU

Ikenfell is a Chrono Trigger-style RPG about protecting the world from magic failure. Imagine a video game like Harry Potterhowever embedded in a universe that’s both welcoming and happy with its trans, pansexual, non-binary, LGBT, and queer characters.

It’s a refreshing twist on the cliché that “all teenagers fidget about kissing” that the students at Ikenfell’s wizarding school range from “finding their sexuality” to being outright flirtatious. Another unique aspect of this game is the use of neo-pronouns, with one of the instructors using ze/zir.

Games Undertale (Switch eShop)

games Undertale (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: 8-4 / Designer: 8-4

Release Date: 18th Sep 2018 (USA / 18th Sep 2018 (UK/EU

The “finest ending,” which features the unquestionably WONDERFUL lesbian love between Alphys and Undyne and which you can easily miss out on unless you’re performing a pacifist run, is Undertale’s most blatant LGBTQ+ endorsement.

There are also other subtly queer depictions, such as Mettatron’s exploration of gender and the main character’s use of they/them pronouns.

Games Celeste (Switch eShop)

games Celeste (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Matt Makes Games / Designer: Matt Makes Games

Release Date: 25th Jan 2018 (USA / 25th Jan 2018 (UK/EU

By several of the same people that worked on Towerfall, comes Celeste, a brilliantly difficult platformer. In spite of her insecurity, the main character Madeline struggles with her psychological health as she attempts to climb a mountain in the course of the novel.

In addition to the fact that the crew that dealt with it largely embodies the LGBTQ+ acronym, Maddy Thorson, the video game’s non-binary director and designer, confirmed that Madeline herself is trans. The creation of Celeste helped Maddy come to terms with her own gender quirks.

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Games Stardew Valley (Switch eShop)

games Stardew Valley (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: ConcernedApe / Designer: ConcernedApe

Release Date: 5th Oct 2017 (USA / 5th Oct 2017 (UK/EU

Video games like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons have historically done a really poor job of portraying same-sex couples. Many of them will permit same-sex marriages, but the fact that these are known as “friend events” in Japan gives you an idea of how advanced this really is.

Harvest Moons from the past served as major inspiration for the video game Stardew Valley, which is less reserved in its LGBTQ+ depiction.

Games Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Switch)

games Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town (Switch)

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Publisher: Magnificent (XSEED) / Designer: Splendid (XSEED)

Release Date: 14th Jul 2020 (USA / 10th Jul 2020 (UK/EU

As we have mentioned, the Story of Seasons series hasn’t always been great at depicting same-sex relationships, but the Switch remake of Friends of Mineral Town is a step in the right direction. In addition to being a significant improvement of one of the best games in the series, it also offers a whole cornucopia of potential spouses to seduce, including the Harvest Goddess herself. Two brand-new, lovable characters added to the list for the remake are Brandon and Jennifer.

Games Gone Home (Switch eShop)

games Gone Home (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Annapurna Interactive / Designer: Annapurna Interactive

Release Date: Sixth Sep 2018 (USA / Sixth Sep 2018 (UK/EU

One of the first narrative video games, Gone Home follows Katie Greenbriar as she returns home to an empty house where her family used to live. Katie can piece together what happened to her sibling, Sam, by exploring and finding countless journal entries, cassette cassettes, and notepads.

Despite initially seeming like a terrifying video game, Gone Home is a carefully researched, wonderfully heartfelt tale. However, we never get more information than what the video game tells us in pieces of text, and Sam’s story is never expanded upon.

Games A Normal Lost Phone (Switch eShop)

games A Normal Lost Phone (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Plug In Digital / Designer: Plug In Digital

Release Date: First Mar 2018 (USA / First Mar 2018 (UK/EU

What would you do if a locked phone appeared from an unknown source? If you said, “I’d go through all the texts and emails, but I’d feel REALLY bad about it,” you might be able to indulge your curiosity using A Normal Lost Phone without any damage coming to you.

You find Sam’s phone, a teen whose life you gradually unravel as you read their letters to loved ones. It will eventually become apparent why Sam left the phone: to start a new life away from their homophobic and transphobic family and live truly.

Games Your Home in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition (Switch eShop)

games Your Home in Fata Morgana: Dreams of the Revenants Edition (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Restricted Run Games / Designer: Novectacle

Release Date: 9th Apr 2021 (USA / 9th Apr 2021 (UK/EU

As an amnesic secret person, you begin Your House in Fata Morgana in a desolate house and explore the memories of the property. Travelling through time, you see tales of cruelty, suffering, heartache, murder, and, at its core, a witch’s curse, but you eventually come to terms with the reality of the whole thing. The terrible tale Fata Morgana is about being rejected, being an outsider, and discovering one’s true identity—even if doing so means losing everything else.

Games Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Switch eShop)

games Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Video game Grumps / Designer: Video game Grumps

Release Date: Second Jul 2019 (USA / Second Jul 2019 (UK/EU

On the surface, Dream Daddy appears to be a sweet, touching story about fathers courting fathers in a utopian neighbourhood that is father-friendly. But if you delve a little deeper, you’ll find examples of what it means to be a homosexual father, a black father, a trans father, a plus-size father, a closeted father, and a self-hating father.

The Dream Daddy’s marshmallow dating game outside links physical characteristics, race, variation, and the challenges of raising females. This richness is what elevated this brief narrative-focused experience into great popularity.

Games If Found … (Switch eShop)

games If Found ... (Switch eShop)

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Publisher: Annapurna Interactive

Release Date: 22nd Oct 2020 (USA / 22nd Oct 2020 (UK/EU

If Found… is a visually striking piece that centres on the experiences of transgender woman Kasia as she records them in her journal during the early 1990s in Ireland. You can play the video game by just erasing Kasio’s words and discovering her tale of trying to fit in but failing as you do so.

If Found… is a punk, hand-drawn zine-like art style and is all about how, in some situations, building new bridges necessitates tearing down old ones.

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