Sunday’s race at Kansas Speedway didn’t disappoint despite all the controversy surrounding the NASCAR Cup Series. The late-race confrontation between Ross Chastain and Noah Gragson made the Advent Health 400 truly spectacular and intense, despite the fact that many spectators were disappointed with the surface.

NASCAR only recently implemented the in-car radio communication, mere minutes before the collision between the two drivers. Hearing this explains Gragson’s reaction in the best possible light.

Noah Gragson had some strong words on the radio prior to he challenged Ross Chastain at the Kansas Speedway

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Fans stayed inside for a major showdown at Kansas, as the race included all the trappings of a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It turned out to have more than was promised. While Denny Hamlin’s dramatic late-race comeback to beat Kyle Larson grabbed all the attention, the brawl between Noah Gragson and Ross Chastain had been simmering for some time.

When Gragson grabbed the top driver by the shoulder and confronted him about his tactics, the situation quickly escalated. The 24-year-old pounced on Chastain, and the latter appeared to counter with a quick. Unfortunately, NASCAR officials intervened quickly to keep the drivers apart, but the Trackhouse Racing driver came out on top by landing the lone punch of the fight.


Now that the in-car conversation was leaked, the NASCAR community heard an irate Gragson issue a warning to the No. 1 driver over the radio. Gragson was found minutes before the confrontation saying, “BE READY AFTER THIS “**** ****,” YOU HEAR ME?”

The driver of car number 42 called the ‘watermelon man’ out on the track for his suspicious behaviour. Gragson, sensing the public’s displeasure, could hardly be expected to remain mute after the race. What followed was a pivotal moment in time.

During his post-race interview, the Nevada-born chauffeur understandably appeared frustrated.

Noah Gragson describes what really occurred amidst the Kansas Speedway scuffle with Ross Chastain

Insane followers have made the once-infamous event a trending topic on social media. Many spectators agree with Chastain’s preference for a more traditional manner of dispute resolution, but others applaud the young Gragson for standing up to the driver’s ultraaggressive driving style.

Jimmie Johnson’s NASCAR driver’s postrace attitude has been laid bare. Noah Gragson said in an interview with the Frontstretch, a popular YouTube media channel, “You know I’m not gon na tear the Trackhouse people pack up, I appreciate their effort and whatever but you know no one challenges the man [Chastain] and I decreased there and you know got him and revealed my annoyance,”

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The 24-year-old continued, “I’m ill and sick of it simply, the person simply encounters each, I mean when you got men like Chase Elliott other people telling you to beat his a** it uh you know everybody’s tired him but no one has the balls to increase and get him, so I’m fed up with it, ” before the fight.

ENJOY THIS STORY: “Chase Elliott and other people informing you to go beat his a **”– Noah Gragson spills tea on physical run-in with Ross Chastain.

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The recent races at Dover and Kansas were overwhelming successes; here’s hoping that NASCAR can keep up the excitement at future events. Such exciting races are essential to the sport.

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