Israel’s TEL AVIV At this year’s EcoMotion Week conference, Israeli automotive innovation start-ups looking to emulate the success of Mobileye presented their latest innovations to investors, automakers, and Tier 1 suppliers.

Jerusalem-based semiconductor and sensor company Because of their cutting-edge driver-assist and self-governing driving systems organisation, Mobileye has really grown to a stock exchange valuation of $33 billion.

The Israeli industry for automotive and movement innovation is expanding quickly as entrepreneurs apply their experience gained by developing rocket defence systems and other military technologies, as well as their knowledge from related fields.

According to Jennifer Schwarz, executive director for EcoMotion, there are more than 650 automotive and movement technology start-ups in Israel, 110 of which will be present at the conference. More than 3,000 people attended the display on Tuesday.

According to IVC Data and Insights, an Israeli business that does analysis on the equity capital market, Israeli automotive innovation start-ups have really raised about $200 million this year. In 2015, investors invested over $1 billion in startup companies in the Israeli automotive and transportation industries.

The company at EcoMotion displayed a wide range of technology, much of it dealing with self-regulating driving systems and electrical automobile components.

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— Jerry Hirsch

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Bosch is named as the movement system’s leader in America.

Li-Metal asserts that it has a more efficient process for producing next-generation EV batteries.

After the US revoked a $200 million grant, battery manufacturer Microvast considered its options.

Equity in EV charging, infrastructure, and battery recycling were key topics during the Forth Roadmap movement conference.

Detroit Smart Parking Lab offers a website for collaboration in this automotive news video.

On the relocation

Former auto industry executive Steve Kenner joined Kodiak Robotics as vice president of security for the self-driving technology company. All security-related aspects of Kodiak’s operations, including fleet and driver management and security management systems, will be managed by Kenner. He has worked for two additional automation companies focusing on the trucking industry, Locomation and Aurora Innovation. He also worked at Apple and served as the global director of Ford’s vehicle security office.

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More than 2.7 million E-Series vehicles have been produced continuously for 58 years, and they are still on the road today. The E-Series is modified with new material for 2021 and is available in cutaway and removed chassis designs that are used for applications like shuttle, ambulances, and small RVs. A redesigned cockpit console with a new instrument panel, steering wheel, and an AM/FM stereo with Bluetooth and USB ports is part of the improved cabin. A redesigned user interface module for the upfitter provides a smoother experience with installed devices.