“It’s Too Sticky”: Kelly Slater Reveals a Never-Heard-Before Surfing Trick to Save From Wipeouts

After beginning his expert surfing profession in 1990, Kelly Slater likewise started creating surf boards under his brand name Slater Designs in 2016. He ultimately began by presenting 3 surf boards, Sci-fi, Omini, and Banana. Out of these, Sci-Fi ended up being a preferred in surf board stores. Remaining in business for almost 7 years, Slater has actually established terrific understanding about surf boards. Just recently, the 11-time world champ addressed an intriguing surf board concern that will clear a difficult doubt in the minds of the non-surfers.

A month back, Slater busted numerous misconceptions about surfing strategies in a Q&A video on YouTube with the channel WIRED. The browsing champ responded to an interesting concern from a fan about surf boards. The concern was, “How does a web surfer adhere to their boards like that?” Let’s be familiar with!

Kelly Slater has a basic response for how internet users stay with their boards!


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A calm and made up Kelly Slater in the YouTube video exposed that web surfers get their grip on a surf board by utilizing surf board wax. He explained in the video,”We have a sticky wax that we placed on our boards. The waxes now have actually gotten so sticky that some individuals when they utilize them for the very first time state it’s too sticky, ’cause their feet do not move.”

For the unversed, surf board wax is a natural and/or artificial wax (a mix of paraffin, beeswax, and other difficult waxes to produce a softer wax) used to the deck of surf boards. It majorly assists the internet users to avoid slipping off the board when paddling out or riding a wave.

Rookie web surfers do not like the extremely adhesive nature of the wax, Slater mentioned that he likes the stickiness since it assists web surfers to carry out important motions in huge waves. He included the video, We’re doing huge maneuvers or airs or pressing actually difficult in sculpts. We’re utilizing all our power and weight.” Given that internet users utilize the whole force of their bodies while riding waves, the wax plays an important function in avoiding wipeouts.

Apart from having deep understanding about surf boards, Slater likewise has a huge collection of the exact same. Amongst the lots of surf boards he has actually ridden, he as soon as exposed his magic surf board.

Kelly Slater misplaced his magic surf board


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Surfing for almost 20 years, Slater has actually surfed on numerous surf boards. The legend has actually likewise lost count of how lots of boards he utilized in his whole profession. In 2020, when Kelly was inquired about his magic surf board, he had a terrific laugh prior to addressing the concern.

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The legend exposed that he had actually constantly been trying to find a wonderful surf board. He as soon as had one from Australian web surfer, Simone Anderson. Slater really thought that his surf board had magic as he had the ability to win occasions at Lowers, JBay, Bells and Teahupo’o. It was all due to the fact that of Slater’s abilities, yet the surf board became his favorite.


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For us non-surfers, it is a marvel to see internet users not falling off their surf boards. The sport has its method to make sure that this a lot of fundamental danger is prevented at all expenses.

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