JoJo Says Music Biz Should Embrace AI-Generated Tracks, It’s The Future

We Can’t Stop AI Music …
May As Well Embrace It !!!

4/30/2023 12:30 AM PT

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JoJo isn’t as worried as the remainder of the music market when it concerns AI-generated tracks, stating folks ought to discover how to utilize the innovation as a benefit … cuz it’s not going anywhere.

We overtook the vocalist in NYC Wednesday where she spilled her ideas on the uptick of robotics in music … which has actually taken the web by storm since late.

JoJo states the idea is really quite intriguing, and might have some advantages to be utilized in the studio for consistencies and backgrounds. As far as JoJo is worried, there’s no stopping AI tunes, so individuals need to find out how to utilize ’em.

This tune is VIRAL on all platforms today.

I believe it’s all a genius marketing stunt …

Not by Drake, however by a SaaS start-up.

Here’s a 30-second summary of the ai Drake tune and my forecast of who’s behind it.

— Mitchell Cohen (@MitchellLandon) April 16, 2023 @MitchellLandon

Naturally, not all artists see it like JoJo. Drake‘s label ripped the concept after numerous AI-generated Drizzy tunes started trending. Prior to that, Universal Music Group needed to eliminate an AI tune including Drake and The Weeknd

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Other artists like Khalid concur the innovation is unavoidable, however unlike JoJo, he’s not a fan

Something JoJo’s not so sure about when it pertains to AI music is what function they might use brand-new artists and royalties in the future … definitely something that may be prematurely to inform.

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