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‘The Impact of Iwata’ is presented.

A day ago, Liam Doolan

Image: from Nintendo Force/Kickstarter

In keeping with Satoru Iwata’s legacy, VIZ Media has recently localised “Ask Iwata” in honour of his life and the contributions he made to the computer gaming industry over the years. However, there is now a chance for a brand-new book as well.

The publication Nintendo Force, which is emulating Nintendo Power, has announced a Kickstarter for a new hardcover book titled “The Impact of Iwata.” It has “over 220 pages,” was written by the editor-in-chief of the publication, Lucas M. Thomas, and will be published by Sheridan of CJK Group, known for its prior collaboration on the “Legends of Localization” book series.

With more than 40 days left, this Kickstarter is halfway to its $29,000 US goal as of the writing of this sentence.

If you’re wondering how it differs from other books you may have read, Thomas says this new book will examine Iwata’s “whole life time and beyond” and evaluate the “continuing effect” he has had in the years since his passing.

The Impact of Iwata will “mix text and art work together” with quotes from Mr. Iwata and his associates, along with a life narrative. Additionally, there will be images of the video games he helped create, full-color artwork created by accomplished artists, and “numerous popular voices” from the video game industry who will each provide a personal account of Iwata.

Would you be interested in reading a second book about Iwata’s history and customs? Observation made below.

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