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Toaplan Arcade Garage: Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli, part of the’M 2ShotTriggers’ series, was released on the Nintendo Switch in Japan in October 2021 by emulation specialist M2.

Seems like you’re in luck if you’ve been demanding a Western release. The Kyukyoku Tiger-Heli Collection has been given a rating by the ESRB for the Switch and PS4. The listing states that Limited Run Games will be responsible for the official release.

The final rankings are as follows:

“Players pilot helicopters and robots through waves of enemies in this compilation of 10 arcade-style action games. Most games have a top-down, scrolling perspective with an emphasis on surges and shooting, and let players control helicopters that fire missiles at enemies (such as aeroplanes, tanks, or drones). One such side-scrolling game gives players control of a robotic soldier that punches and fires lasers at enemies; the beat-em-up action depicts depleting health bars, a variety of attacks (such as Speed Punch, Fire Punch, and Super Punch), and drawn-out boss battles.

And according to Gematsu, these are the games that were included:

  • Guardian (a Westernised take on the arcade classic Get Star) and Get Star (the original).
    There are two versions of Kyukyoku Tiger: one for the Famicom and another for the PC Engine.
    Game Boy Advance version of Kyukyoku Tiger
    There are two versions of the Twin Cobra in the NES and Genesis libraries.
    A Tiger-Heli for the NES
    The NES version of Tiger-Heli
    Both the arcade and video game versions of Kyukyoku Tiger are known as Tiger-Heli.
    Two-player Kyukyoku Tiger; Western-styled take on the game, called Twin Cobra.

Next week, on the 12th of July, Minimal Run will conduct its annual showcase, so a major announcement could be forthcoming.

Do you think this is something you might be interested in adding to your library? Please note the following.

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