MAGA World Blasts Daniel Penny Indictment

Republicans who support President Trump at all costs (MAGA Republicans) have expressed fury over the indictment of Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old Marine veteran.

Social media lit up Wednesday with outrage from former president’s supporters after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s grand jury decided to pursue Penny. After being recorded on camera choking Jordan Neely to death on a New York City tube on May 1, 50 Cent was arrested last month on a charge of second-degree murder.

Penny, a white man, murdered Neely, a Black street performer and veteran of homelessness and mental illness, at the age of 30. The initial reactions to the murder had political and racial undertones. Some have drawn parallels between Neely’s death and the massive “Black Lives Matter” protests that erupted in the United States and around the world after the killing of George Floyd by police in 2020.

Political assessments of the decision to prosecute Penny dominated the responses to the indictment on Wednesday, with many Trump supporters likening it to the “persecution” of the ex-president. A federal grand jury just added 37 more felony counts to the 34 that were already being prosecuted against Trump by a Bragg-convened grand jury earlier this year.

MAGA World Blasts Daniel Penny Indictment
Daniel Penny is accompanied in handcuffs by the NYPD after turning himself in May 12, 2023, in New York City. MAGA Republicans on Wednesday condemned the indictment of Penny, while comparing the suspect in a May train eliminating to previous President Donald Trump.
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Addison Smith, a fictional anchor for the conservative One America News Network, tweeted, “Between Trump and Penny, we understand without doubt that any American is now based on jail if they: -Oppose Washington -Use self-defense.”

Any American is now, without a shadow of a doubt, based on a jail sentence, thanks to Trump and Penny, if they commit any of the following:

Conservative talk show presenter Jason Rantz called it “an outright oppression based upon whatever we understand up until now” in a tweet. The Message? Allow a dangerous homeless male to actually… hurt or eliminate people?”

Complete subjugation based on our current knowledge. The meaning? Do not let a dangerous homeless man who is threatening people into your home.

According to @LichenCraig’s tweet, “The indictment of Daniel Penny is not a prosecution, it’s a PERsecution, and it’s because he is white.” If we stand and choose to preserve our legal system, which is formally useless, how many good, innocent people are we willing to compromise to the lynch mob?

Daniel Penny’s indictment is not a prosecution; it is a PERsecution because of his race. How many brilliant, innocent people are we willing to sacrifice to the lynch crowd in order to preserve our judicial system, which is essentially meaningless at this point in time?

New York City indicts former Marine called a “Subway Hero” for saving lives. Tweeted @bradleyreed88. Are you realising there is no justice for patriots who love America? Trump has my full confidence. THEY WANT TO GO TO the USA! People like Trump and Daniel Penny are ‘just in the way,’ and they need to go!”

Former ‘Subway Hero’ Marine INDICTED in New York City for saving lives!

Are you coming to the conclusion that justice cannot be served to those who love America?

Trump has my full confidence. THEY WANT TO GO TO the USA!

People like Trump and Daniel Penny are “just in the way” and must be eliminated.


Two heroes have been indicted today.

Penny Daniel
The President, Donald J. Trump

Go liberals, go!

Both Donald Trump and Daniel Penny are household names.
Everyone else is up against the globalised authoritarian elites.

“It’s all excellent thank god that the Injustice system’s requires time and already Trump will pardon Daniel Penny and offer him the medal of bravery:-RRB- 2024 can not come quickly enough,” @TJBERKO18 tweeted.

Trump will pardon Daniel Penny and give him a medal of valour; thank God the Injustice System takes time; 2024 can’t arrive soon enough.

It’s “No Justice in a Marxist America… just for Biden; Obama; Clinton; the fans of Satan,” @kastytis moaned.

Daniel Penny is indicted by a grand jury for the chokehold that killed Jordan Neely via way of Twitter’s Yahoo no Justice in a Marxist America… except for Satan’s supporters, like Biden, Obama, and Clinton.

Tweeted @fafiyalatha: “The nation is a total joke.” “Communist left-wing extremist lunatics have truly taken over! Rome’s final days! Miscreants praised, heroes stomped on. #DanielPenny”

The country as a whole is a farce. Communist extremists on the far left have taken complete power. Rome’s final days! Villains rewarded, heroes smashed. #DanielPenny

Trump’s office has been contacted by Newsweek via email for comment.

Cent claims he was trying to protect other guests from a perceived threat when he choked Neely, but attorneys for Neely’s family say the Marines veteran was reckless and “needs to be in prison.”

Many Trump supporters directed their wrath onto Bragg, with some even contacting Republican lawmakers to demand an investigation of the district attorney. At least one analyst made the unfounded suggestion that Jewish billionaire and Democratic megadonor George Soros, who is frequently the subject of Republican conspiracy theories, be added.

Republican Members of Congress: Mike Davis, former top counsel for elections to Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, the previous chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, tweeted that “@AlvinBraggNYC is the @GeorgeSoros-moneyed @ManhattanDA.” Daniel Penny, a Marine and hero, was simply arraigned by Bragg for protecting New Yorkers from a violent thug who had already broken an old woman’s face.

@Jim_Bragg, along with Davis, is being investigated by Jordan for making false accusations against Donald Trump and causing election disruption. “It’s time to look into @OpenSociety and see what @AlexanderSoros is up to. A district attorney supported by George Soros is a dangerous subversive. Why should taxpayer money go to districts where George Soros is the top prosecutor?

To show your support for @Chicago1Ray’s call to have Alvin Bragg disbarred for his malicious prosecution of Daniel Penny and President Trump, please (RETWEET) this message.

Needs a lot of prayers… In reality, Daniel Penny was arraigned in New York. A self-described “Ultra MAGA Woman,” @rdickens31, tweeted a picture of Bragg with the caption, “This POS requires KARMA.”

Penny’s indictment did not receive universally negative feedback. Some welcomed the move, seeing it as a step towards doing right by Neely’s family after her death.

For the murder of Jordan Neely in a chokehold on a New York City subway train, Daniel Penny has been indicted by a grand jury, as tweeted by @MajorFactor2. One more specific move towards justice being done. #JusticeForJordanNeely.”

The grand jury investigating the death of Jordan Neely in a chokehold on a New York City tube has indicted Daniel Penny. This is one step closer to ensuring that justice is done. #JusticeForJordanNeely

Following @marinastrez’s tweet, “Justice is starting for #JordanNeely,” the pursuit of accountability has begun.

@ExhaustedIsaac said, “I hope there is justice for Jordan Neely; may he Rest In Power.”

I pray that justice is served for Jordan Neely and that he may finally rest in peace.

On Twitter, “Daniel Penny has actually been prosecuted,” @RealTimBlack said. This is step two in the direction of fairness. Let’s not stop now! Daniel Penny shot and killed Jordan Neely, a defenceless man who had done nobody any harm. I say this to the people who support the Penny: you are not have to like it. It’s the law, after all.

In fact, legal action has been taken against Daniel Penny. This is step two in the direction of fairness. Let’s not stop now!

Jordan was wiped out by Daniel Penny. Neely, a defenceless male who had committed no violence.

I say this to the Penny faithful: you can choose not to enjoy it.
It’s the rule of law.

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