Male Faces Legal Action for Fathering Over 550 Children

By Spooky on April 5th, 2023 Category: News

A Dutch male who fathered more than 550 kids has actually been implicated of threatening the wellness of the kids out of his large desire to recreate in all corners of the world.

Jonathan M., a 41-year-old serial sperm donor from the Netherlands, is being implicated of prioritizing his desire to continuously replicate above the physical and psychological wellness of his kids. Dutch standards mention that a male can just contribute their sperm for approximately 25 offspring or for 12 households, in order to decrease the opportunities of incest and to safeguard the psychological health of the kids. The mom of one of his lots of kids and the Donorkind Foundation, a company for donor kids, declare that he blatantly neglected the guidelines and fathered hundreds of kids over the last years or so. They are now taking legal action to avoid him from fathering anymore kids.


Picture: Jochen van Wylick/Unsplash

“If I had actually understood he had actually currently fathered more than a hundred kids, I would never ever have actually selected this donor,” the mom who submitted a grievance versus the donor stated. “When I think of the repercussions this can have for my kid, I get a sensation of the gut and I end up being insecure about his future: the number of more kids are included? Litigating is the only method to secure my kid.”

The serial sperm donor obviously began bring in attention in 2017, after it was exposed that he had actually fathered over 100 kids. At the time, the Dutch Society of Obstetrics and Gynaecology centers advised sperm banks and centers all over the nation to stop utilizing his contributions right away, however that obviously did little to stop the male from fathering more kids.


Image: Thomas Breher/Pixabay

The Donorkind Foundation declares that Jonathan M. continued using his sperm to potential moms through social networks and lied about the variety of kids he had actually fathered. Receivers count on his dedication to just develop approximately 25 kids, however he presumably betrayed their trust, fathering more than 550 kids all over the world.

“The donor prioritized his desire to recreate and his conduct positions a hazard to the psychological and physical wellness of donor kids,” the structure’s legal representative, Mark de Hek, stated.

When a sperm donor’s hereditary product exists in a great deal of offspring, the threat of half-siblings unintentionally ending up being intimate at one point in their lives boosts, however that threat obviously did little to deter the serial donor from replicating.

Dutch media outlets have actually reported that Jonathan M. presently resides in Kenya and has actually up until now declined to discuss the accusation of having actually fathered over 550 kids all over the world.

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