Marvel And EA Games Announce New Black Panther Video Game


A new Black Panther video game is coming out, and it’s being developed by Marvel and EA Games’ Cliffhanger Studios.

Marvel revealed a teaser on Twitter on July 10th, showcasing the video game’s logo design in purple neon lights. A new Black Panther game in development has been announced by Marvel Games and EA’s newest studio Cliffhanger Games. The game will be a third-person, single-player experience.

In light of the recently revealed video game, Marvel has issued a major press release for the impending Black Panther film role. The official announcement specified that the 57th anniversary of the famous Marvel character would be celebrated with a “triple A” video game. Kevin Stephens, of Monolith Productions, recently gave an interview on the forthcoming video game, during which he reaffirmed the company’s commitment to making a “genuine Black Panther experience.”

We’re dedicated to giving fans the best possible Black Panther experience by giving them unprecedented agency and agency in a story-driven video game. Wakanda is a rich Super Hero sandbox, and Kevin has stated that the team’s goal is to create an impressive environment for players that appreciate Black Panther and want to explore the world of Wakanda as much as they want.

Stephens went on to stress the need of maintaining the Black Panther brand’s integrity by paying tribute to the “variety” and “empowerment” for which the name is known.

The opportunity to form a new group based on principles such as tolerance, solidarity, and individual agency is “extremely rare,” he said. “We want Cliffhanger Games to empower everybody on our team as we work together to bring this remarkable world to life,” the developers said in a statement. “We want our video game to allow players to feel what it’s like to be worthy of the Black Panther mantle in unique, story-driven ways.”

In other news from the VIBE Game Club, on Thursday (July 6), 2K Games announced that Kobe Bryant would be featured on the cover of NBA 2K24. The tale is depicted through No. 24 in the “Black Mamba” Edition, with his freshly shaved head taking up the entirety of the screen. The “Kobe Bryant” Edition will include “Frobe” performing a dunk worthy of the professional athlete’s name.

The NBA 2K24 pre-order page is now available.

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