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On the Mid Mod Remodel Podcast with presenter Della Hansmann, the co-founder of contemporary House Numbers discusses the company’s history as well as design tips and patterns for purchasing and installing exterior contemporary house numbers.

For the past 14 years, Modern House Numbers has helped homeowners and businesses all over the United States make their buildings look more modern by providing them with premium numbers and letters in eye-catching, contemporary font styles. People who like mid-century modern design, like Della Hansmann, designer and producer of the podcast Mid Mod Remodel, have taken notice of the company’s rising popularity thanks to its personalised address letters, numbers, and plaques. For Episode 11 of Season 11, she invited Modern House Numbers co-founder Brandy McLain to join her in discussing exterior design ideas, particularly home numbers that go with mid-mod houses.

Co-founders Rick and Brandy McLain have always hoped to one day run their own company. They bought a house in Tucson, Arizona, and immediately began remodelling it after finishing architecture school. Since the pair probably wouldn’t be able to locate address numbers for their property that suited their cutting-edge aesthetic, they opted to make their own. The McLains realised they had an opportunity to start their own business when their house number quickly became the talk of the neighbourhood.

Brandy McLain stated, “We had no idea that contemporary home numbers were so difficult to find or in such high demand until we set some up for our home.” “Rick and I took the opportunity to go into business for ourselves, and we’ve been learning the best ways to provide high-quality, stylish solutions to homeowners ever since.”

In the podcast, McLain discussed the reasoning behind many of the production and product choices she and Rick had made. The McLains always knew their practises and products would stand the test of time. The brushed finish on the recycled aluminium used to manufacture the letters and numerals for homes gave them a contemporary look while also protecting them from corrosion. They are able to reduce waste even further thanks to the use of waterjet cutting.

“It’s fascinating when we can talk in more detail about our products and methods,” said McLain. “We devote a lot of resources to making sure that our tried-and-true options are well-made and last for generations. We provide a wide variety of fonts, surfaces, and sizes to accommodate any project, from traditional to ultra-modern, and everything in between. Many homeowners today choose with 6- or 8-inch numerals. Recently, we’ve added Matte Brass to our list of available finishes. Our warm finish on numerals, letters, and plaques has been well received, and we’ve noticed an increase in orders as a result.They are often used for somewhat complex projects.

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Careful planning, precise manufacturing, and user-friendliness are the hallmarks of Modern House Numbers. They make things that allow homeowners to improve the aesthetics and value of their spaces.

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