One Can Increase the Blood Supply to the Brain

Joe Rogan, analyst for the UFC, is a serious gym rat. The 55-year-old has made it a point to maintain his good health by adhering to a balanced and active lifestyle. Rogan, himself a popular podcaster, hosts scientists and doctors on his show so his listeners may learn more about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In JRE, he is most comfortable discussing eating habits and physical fitness. That’s why his plan is so well-liked by those who care about their physical health. The former Fear Factor host has made the predator diet one of his go-to eating strategies. Rogan disagrees with the widespread belief that plant-based diets provide the greatest health benefits.

He claims that people who strictly adhere to a meat-based diet for 30 days see remarkable physical changes. Rogan, who has tried the ketogenic diet himself, inquires about its benefits on the most recent episode of JRE. Amanda Fieldings, a psychedelic chemist, and a UFC pundit sat down for a chat. She told him about the benefits of the ketogenic diet for mental and physical health.

Joe Rogan checks the ketogenic diet plan

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Joe Rogan and renowned researcher Amanda Fieldings talked about leading a healthy lifestyle in episode #2002 of The Joe Rogan Experience. Fieldings imparted her extensive wisdom about the workings of the human brain and body. Rogan listened intently because the intersection of physical and mental strength is a fascinating place for the analyst to explore. Rogan kept bringing up ketones as a topic of conversation. What about the fact that the ketogenic diet plan causes the brain to make ketones, which, to some people at least, may seem like a particularly good source of fuel?

When asked by Rogan whether he thought it would be a good fuel, Fielding said, “I believe most likely it is a great fuel, yeah.” I think this will lead to a greater emphasis on learning how to provide the brain with better, healthier forms of fuel. I think there’s a technique, a basic trick, to which I was given the secret in 1996 when I learned about how one can enhance blood flow to the brain and, by extension, give it all the extra energy to do have all the brain working. A ketogenic diet is one in which carbohydrates are restricted or avoided altogether. This causes the body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates, which is helpful in reducing overall body fat. Fielding’s response confirms that a diet like this can help keep the mind sharp and focused.


The UFC analyst gets high around his kids

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Amanda Fielding started by talking about ketogenic diets and then moved on to how psychedelics can help keep your brain healthy. The UFC commentator advocates for mind-altering substances. Rogan thinks he’s become a different person as a result of his psychedelic experiences.

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During the course of the conversation, he revealed that, in order to better understand his three kids, he regularly chooses to get high before spending time with them. The scientist shared the sentiments of the outgoing Fear Factor host. She also mentioned that it’s possible this style of parenting won’t have a negative effect on the kids.

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Do you agree with Amanda Fielding’s points of view? Or do you hold to a different set of beliefs?

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