Overwatch 2 Recruits John Cena to Promote


John Cena is unmasked as The Enigma ahead of Overatch 2: Invasion.

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Aug 4, 2023 10:34 pm


Aug 4, 2023 10:30 pm

A mysterious person has been “hacking” into Overwatch 2 video games and streams for the past few weeks, roughly.

Fans soon realised that the “hacks” were actually a promotion for Overwatch 2: Invasion, the shooter’s next event that will see the release of the first wave of player-versus-environment [PvE] goals. Fans also assumed that popular wrestler and actor John Cena would have a role to play in the upcoming material based on theories contained in the “hacking attacks.”

In the end, it turns out that John Cena is indeed the mysterious “Enigma,” but it seems as though he may not be as important as one might think given his popularity. In a new video that was released alongside a

— On August 4, 2023, Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch)

Can we expect Cena in Overwatch 2? It doesn’t appear to be.

An Overwatch 2 official told IGN, “This is just a video game promo.””[John Cena] will not make an appearance in Overwatch 2 itself.”

It seems like Cena’s role is primarily limited to promoting Overwatch 2: Invasion in viral advertisements for the time being, which is surprising given that recently he has appeared in everything from Mortal Kombat 1 (as Peacemaker) to PGA Tour 2K23. However, Blizzard may still be holding back some surprises.

Games Overwatch 2: Invasion gets several brand-new trailers ahead of release

In other locations, Blizzard advertised the debut of Invasion with a fresh trailer displaying the PvE plot goals and an animated cinematic starring Sojourn, who was first revealed the following year. The upcoming season will also include a brand-new PvP game mode in addition to the eagerly anticipated story objectives.

Like everything else with Overwatch 2, Invasion has been the subject of discussion. Overwatch 2’s PvE Hero Mode, which is thought to be one of the main reasons for the sequel’s existence, was dropped, and then Blizzard confirmed that long-term access to the plot objectives will cost $15. Additionally, Blizzard warns that there will be a multi-season gap between Invasion and the subsequent wave of goals.

It is all connected.

The Overwatch animated short “Calling” is now available.

Explore the video game to view it in its entirety.twitter.com/BzvraX6qDd

— On August 4, 2023, Overwatch (@PlayOverwatch)

Blizzard will be hoping that Invasion can give Overwatch 2 some further momentum because interest in the game has actually decreased over the past year. Overwatch will be available on Steam the next week in addition to the new story objectives, which have been in the works in some capacity for many years. It’s the most obvious proof yet that Blizzard is actively seeking out new players for its hero shooter everywhere it can.

The Steam release of Overwatch 2 and Invasion are scheduled for August 10. See the full Overwatch 2: Invasion release details for more information.

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