Protestors Reportedly Arrested

Paris Riots: 875 Protestors Reportedly Arrested Thursday Night After Cop Kills 17-Year-Old During Traffic Stop

Protests are taking place in Paris and the surrounding areas after a 17-year-old was shot and killed by police earlier today.

The Unrest Is In Response To The Killing Of Nahel M.

AP News reported on Tuesday (June 27) that a 17-year-old identified as Nahel M. of Algerian heritage was shot and killed by officials.

The incident, which took place in the Parisian suburb of Nanterre, France, began when Nahel resisted arrest during a traffic stop. Later, footage from an eyewitness emerged, sparking even more outrage over the teen’s death because many people believed the police had escalated the traffic stop situation needlessly.

Many vehicles and buildings have been burned during the demonstrations as people want government reform. ABC News estimates that 3,880 fires were started and 875 people were apprehended on Thursday night.

Remember that according to Pascal Prachestu, prosecutor of Nanterre, the cop who killed Nahel is being investigated for “voluntary murder” since “the conditions for the legal usage of the weapon were not satisfied.”

French President Emmanuel Macron Condemns The Paris Riots: “Nothing Justifies Violence”

French President Emmanuel Macron, responding to the ongoing situation, criticised the protests in an interview. To the contrary, he insisted that “this must be a minute of reflection and regard.”

We all find it deeply disturbing that a young person’s death is being used for political gain. Please take a moment to pause and think about that. In light of this, I strongly denounce those who seek to exploit the current situation in order to create conditions for attacking our organisations… This inauthentic and unjustified violence is something I and everyone else strongly detest.

As soon as this was reported, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that “social networks platforms play a considerable function” in the “company” and “simulating of violence” among young people.

A third of those arrested the previous evening, he said, “were young, in some cases extremely young.” Thus, Macron claimed that it is “the duty of parents to keep them in the house” during this time.

See below for video of one dad taking matters into his own hands to ensure the safety of his child, as per his advice to other parents.

#FranceProtests #FranceRiots
A parent decided to retrieve and return home their child who had joined the disturbances.
There were 875 people detained in #Paris and the surrounding region last night, a rise of 6. #Nael #emeutes #etatdurgence #JusticePourNael

Macron apparently freed 45,000 police personnel on Friday in preparation for additional rioting on Friday night, as reported by BBC News.

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