Smoke from Canada wildfires blankets Northeast

Weather condition

By Tuesday night, New York City had the most contaminated air on the planet with an air quality index ranking of 196. On Saturday, the city’s AQI score was 15.

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Wildfire smoke from eastern Canada has crossed the border into the United States, creating a hazy overcast in the Big Apple and setting off air quality alerts across the northeast. New York Times/Maansi Srivastava

On Tuesday, smoke from a number of wildfires in Canada drifted into the United States, causing problems with air quality throughout the East Coast.

Hundreds of people’s visibility was impaired, and New York City, to Boston’s south, may have been hit the most. On Tuesday night, New York City’s air quality index rating of 196 made it the worst in the world. The AQI for the city was 15 on Saturday.

Take a look at the hazy sky above New York City.

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Smoke from wildfires in Canada can be seen throughout North America on a satellite image provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Tuesday.

NOAA by means of The New York Times

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On Tuesday, smoke from wildfires in Canada obscured the skyline of Manhattan as viewed from Queens.

Maansi Srivastava/The New York Times

White Sox Yankees Baseball 06269 647fdbf7bb6eb scaled
Yankee Stadium is shrouded in haze as New York Yankees pitcher Clarke Schmidt faces up against Chicago White Sox hurler Tim Anderson in the top of the first inning of Tuesday’s baseball game.

AP Photo/Frank Franklin II

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On Tuesday, smoke from wildfires in Canada obscured the skyline of Manhattan as viewed from Queens.

Maansi Srivastava/The New York Times — Maansi Srivastava/The New York Times

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On Tuesday, the sky in Manhattan was shrouded in a thick haze caused by wildfires in Canada.

Picture by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

libertyhaze 647fdd586eb99 scaled
On Tuesday, haze from Canadian wildfires can be seen from the Statue of Liberty as the Staten Island Ferry passes by.

Picture by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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On Tuesday, smoke from wildfires in Canada spread over the United States, covering Long Beach and the greater New York area.

Johnny Milano/The New York Times

Canada Wildfires New York 39653 647fddd7a2c67 scaled
Smoke from Canadian wildfires partially obscures Jersey City, New Jersey buildings on Tuesday as boats cruise the Hudson River from Manhattan.

AP Photo/Patrick Sison


Although the air quality in Massachusetts wasn’t as poor as New York’s, statewide warnings were issued because of significant declines across the Bay State.

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Canada wildfire smoke obscures the sunset over Duxbury Beach on a Tuesday.

David L Ryan/Globe Staff

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A hazy morning sun increases over Cambridge Tuesday.
Joanne Rathe/ Globe Staff
rathe haze02 647fe2384d5d3 scaled
The sun rises hazily over Boston on a Tuesday.

Joanne Rathe/ Globe Staff

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