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Update [Thu 4th May, 2023 15:45 BST]:

The allegations that Niantic’s Pokémon GO monthly revenues were the lowest the game has truly experienced since 2018 were deemed “inaccurate” by the developer today, after a report from the previous day.

While Niantic did not explicitly deny that April’s profits were down month-over-month, it did note that they were up compared to the same period in 2015 in a statement provided to Eurogamer:

As is frequently the case, we won’t comment on estimates of our pay made by outside parties. Our earnings from 2015 to 2023 have increased.

The studio then went on to refute reports that a decline in earnings has resulted from the recent Raid changes, arguing that the changes have instead led to “increased in-person raiding”:

We don’t pay attention to monthly cycles since they fluctuate in response to life’s big moments. Changes this year have already improved in-person Raiding, and we can’t wait to unveil fantastic new features in the coming months.

The whole preliminary monthly income report is shown below; however, it should be borne in mind that this data only reflects one potential revenue stream for the game.

Initial post [Wed 3rd May, 2023 15:45 BST]:

Even though it was launched in July 2016, Pokémon GO has been around for about 7 years (almost a full year before the Switch!). The eventual decline in the app’s popularity always seemed inevitable.

According to MobileGame.biz (h/t VGC), Pokémon GO’s monthly revenues in April 2023 were much lower than those in March 2023, which had been a terrible month compared to February 2023. With $42.8 million in March and $58 million in February, the app’s entire April revenue of $34.7 million indicates a precipitous 40% decline over the span of two months.

April 2023 will be the month that brings the game its lowest earnings period since February 2018, when it brought in $34.7 million. The designer’s decision to raise the price of Remote Raid Passes, which went into effect at the beginning of April 2023, may also contribute to the reduction.

As players banded together to protest the speed increase, which many viewed as harmful to fitness instructors with disabilities, the phrase “Hear United States Niantic” trended on social media as a result of the decision. Niantic reaffirmed its decision, saying it was crucial for the “long-term health of the general video game.”

Do you think the unfavourable gamer reaction in recent weeks has anything to do with Pokémon GO’s declining profits? Keep the noise down in the feedback section.

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