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gamer Dell has a significant offer for the economical S2721QS 4K display (Image: Dell)
The cost-effective S2721QS 4K display features a great deal from Dell (Image: Dell).

The 27-inch Dell S2721QS is one of several enticing inexpensive 4K displays on the market at a price of just under US$ 250 thanks to its excellent viewing angles, ergonomics, and almost complete protection of the sRGB colour space.

While many gamers choose for a 1440p display screen due to the demanding requirements of operating the newest video games at a higher native resolution, many office workers and content creators in particular are probably pining for a 4K screen that doesn’t cost a lot. Targeting this particular market, the Texas-based PC manufacturer Dell has a 27-inch screen in its inventory that is appropriate.

To be more specific, the Dell S2721QS has actually once more been made available for purchase at the manufacturer’s main online store, where the 27-inch 4K screen can now be acquired for just US$ 247 as opposed to the original cost of US$ 330. Please use the discount code “MONITORS10” after the Dell S2721QS has been added to the shopping cart to receive this price reduction of US$ 83, which is 25% off the MSRP. This sale virtually equals a popular Amazon offer from last month in terms of recommendation.

The Dell S2721QS has a rather basic IPS panel with a refresh rate of 60Hz, a contrast ratio of 1300 to 1, and a peak brightness of about 350 nits, in contrast to many gaming-focused displays. Even AMD’s FreeSync technology is supported by the 4K screen for the occasional video game session, although its 5 millisecond reaction time is fairly slow. This 4K display offer is worth keeping in mind because this reasonably priced 27-inch screen is designed for office users and content creators with a fairly ideal spending plan and uses a rather alluring bang for the buck.

Use coupon code “MONITORS10” at checkout to get the Dell S2721QS for only $247.

gamer The ports on the S2721QS 4K display (Image: Dell)
The ports on the S2721QS 4K screen (Image: Dell)

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