Even after last month’s significant lawsuit settlement with Fox News, Dominion Voting Systems’ CEO gave a pessimistic outlook for the future of his company.

On April 18, just before trial, Rule and the conservative cable network reached a settlement in their defamation lawsuit for $787.5 million.

CEO John Poulos claimed that Fox News’s fabrications regarding the 2020 presidential election caused Dominion long-term harm and predicted that the company would eventually lose all of its clients.

Poulos told Time magazine, “It’s just easier for our clients to use something that isn’t Dominion.” “We have a gut feeling that our organisation will fail in the end.”

Fox News circulated falsehoods claiming Dominion manipulated their voting machines to cause former President Donald Trump to lose the 2020 election, which were promoted by Trump and his allies. By 4 percentage points, Joe Biden won the election.

In its lawsuit against Fox, Dominion said that airtime the network provided to false claims led to risks, intimidation of staff members, and lost earnings.

In a statement following the settlement, Fox said, “We acknowledge the Court’s judgements discovering certain assertions about Dominion to be false. Fox did not beg for pardon, admitted to wrongdoing, or alert viewers to the inaccuracies in the stories it broadcast.

Poulos, who has defended Dominion’s decision to accept the payment, claimed that the deceit had sent the company “into a death spiral.”

As one of our customers put it, “By implicating us of the best American criminal offence in history, it turned us into the most demonised brand name in the United States,” Poulos said.

Rule Six further lawsuits on alleged fraud in the 2020 election are being pursued by Voting Systems.


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