Rule DMS incorporates with MenuMetric

PRNewswire, May 10, 2023, BOCA RATON, Florida– Combination with MenuMetric revealed by Dominion DMS.

The goal of MenuMetric is to develop the technology that will enable F&I specialists to communicate with customers and provide a customised sales experience. Their goal is to employ innovative ideas to maximise the potential of human connection. MenuMetric improves customer satisfaction by streamlining the F&I sales process and maximising profits. Effective selection, discussion, and sales tracking for F&I items and vehicle accessories are made possible by their platform.

“The partnership between Dominion DMS and MenuMetric is a successful one that ensures to improve the digital capabilities of the automotive business. This partnership offers unmatched digital security, versatility, and performance in today’s rapidly changing industry thanks to unique discussion and tracking software programme and creative dealership management services. – Phil Imbery, MenuMetric’s chief operating officer

Dealerships greatly benefit from MenuMetric when combined with Dominion’s free core DMS.

dynamic conversation with completely customised menus.

– Utilise our cloud-based F&I Management technology to automate and streamline simply the F&I process.

– Boost profits: Dealerships using MenuMetric earn 8% more than the national average.

– Cloud-based, real-time reporting that tracks PVR, penetration rates, reserve fluctuation, and other metrics.

– Agent-level reporting, allowing for centralised organisation evaluations.

– eRating – Access a variety of item service providers through a single platform.

– eContracting – By including more than 200 aftermarket providers, it increases the likelihood of F&I up-sells, boosts CSI ratings, and reduces agreement kick-backs.

– eSignatures – Securely sign documents electronically using an ePad, Topaz, or your client’s own device.

“It’s crucial to be able to have everything you need to work out an offer within your means. It’s straightforward and quick to automate and streamline your F&I process with MenuMetric directly from VUE DMS!” — Chris Miller, the group’s finance manager.

“Dominion DMS takes pride in the opportunity to work with organisations that set the bar for auto dealers. We provide those services with the resources they need to succeed through our partnership with MenuMetric.” — Arlene Clements, Dominion DMS’s vice president of business development.

This claim adds another reason why dealerships should review their current DMS partnership and think about what Dominion DMS might provide. Visit to learn more about Dominion DMS and its VUE platform.

About Dominion DMS:

Rule DMS collaborates with auto dealers to offer contemporary choices in a constantly changing environment. VUE, a cloud-native dealership management system from Rule DMS, offers franchised car dealerships in the US the digital security, adaptability, and efficiency needed to compete in today’s rapidly changing industry. VUE helps auto dealerships deliver seamless customer encounters, cut costs, and protect their business. It was created on Microsoft Azure Cloud by a team with years of expertise working with car dealerships. VUE provides innovation partners with the access and workflows they need to satisfy our usual clients, the dealerships, through its broad range of authorised SecureVUE APIs. Consider Dominion DMS right now. Visit our website and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube for more information.

About MenuMetric:

The goal of MenuMetric is to provide the technology that enables F&I specialists to communicate with customers and create customised sales experiences. Our goal is to use cutting-edge innovation to maximise the power of human connection. By improving customer satisfaction, MenuMetric improves the F&I sales process while maximising profits. Effective selection, discussion, and sales tracking for F&I items and lorry add-ons are made feasible by our platform. We’re your route to more sales thanks to our ever expanding network of partners and evolving software!

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