Space Invaders

In March of 2021, TAITO and Square Enix announced that they were still working on an enhanced reality video game based on the classic arcade game Area Invaders. Square Enix Montreal stated that it was establishing the centre, however we never heard any further details about the project after that, and in the end of 2015, Square Enix Montreal was sadly shaken after being acquired by the Embracer Group. I had my doubts about the long-term viability of the Area Invaders augmented reality video game, yet here it is, renamed Area Invaders: World Defence.Google’s ARCore technology was used to create the game; this allows the game’s augmented reality elements to fully comprehend and react to their physical surroundings thanks to Google’s extensive geographical understanding of our planet. Check it out and see what you find.

In my opinion, augmented reality (AR) applications fall short of expectations because they merely superimpose game elements onto the actual world via a camera lens without establishing any sort of meaningful link between the two. The experience of playing most augmented reality video games would be consistent regardless of location. That’s why ARCore sound is so intriguing; I had assumed it would be exclusive to Android games given that Google created it. Thanks for letting us know that Area Invaders: World Defence is also compatible with iOS devices. To give you a better idea of what it’s like to play, TAITO has also recently released a gameplay-focused film from Area Invaders: World Defence.

It seems like a few interesting things are happening in this clip. Is the type of augmented reality game you would probably anticipate, in which enemies appear in the real world and you shoot them down while gazing through your device’s video camera. However, as I mentioned, these enemies are aware of their environments thanks to Google’s mapping data. In addition, there appears to be a mode that makes use of the mapping data to create realistic levels based on the streets and cities of the world, so you may, for example, fly along a virtual version of New York’s Fifth Avenue while blasting alien invaders out of the sky. It reminds me of the April Fool’s joke where you could play Pac-Man in Google Maps around the streets of a city.

The video game Area Invaders: World Defence will be released later this summer; for more information, visit the game’s official website. Pre-registration for the Android version is also available on the Google Play Store, while pre-orders for the iOS version are expected to go live soon.

It looks like a couple of cool things are taking place in this video. Is the sort of AR video game you ‘d most likely anticipate, where intruders are appearing in the world around you and you’re shooting them down looking through the lens of your gadget’s video camera, however like I discussed these baddies are conscious of their environments due to Google’s mapping information. The other thing going on is it appears like there’s a mode that utilizes the mapping information to develop real levels out of the cities and streets of the world, so if you wished to fly down a virtual 5th Avenue in New York blasting intruders out of the sky, you can do that. It type of advises me of the April Fool’s joke Google acted of years back that let you play Pac-Man along the city streets in Google Maps.

Area Invaders: World Defense is slated for release later on this summer season, and you can learn a bit more details by checking out the video game’s site. You can likewise pre-register for the Android variation on the Google Play Store, with pre-orders for the iOS variation stated to be being available in the future.

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