Stop green enthusiasts from trashing our nationwide security

Vice President Joe Biden, who swore an oath to protect the United States from enemies both foreign and domestic, now wants to reduce security to appease environmental fanatics in his own party.

Republicans at home are trying to pass a legislation to stop him, but it’s hard to understand how the law could possibly permit anything so insane.

In question is a proposed administration guideline that would force defence contractors to appease environmental extremists by disclosing their emissions data and establishing “science-based” carbon-reduction objectives. These stringent, anti-science mandates would effectively stifle any and all emissions.

No surprise here: these mandates were hatched by a group of activists who toe the disastrous green-puritan line on issues like population control, strict capping of caloric consumption, and wealth redistribution.

Researchers from the same toxic pool would evaluate the carbon preparations submitted by aspiring specialists.

Do not give in. Your business is being shunned.

Biden wants to give a group of neo-Marxist nutjobs an effective veto over national security.

In order to save money, the Defence Department would have to replace skilled specialists with those who are only looking for greener patterns.

The requirements for business consist of exposing their emissions overalls and setting
Companies are required to disclose their emissions data and establish “science-based” carbon reduction targets.
Photo by DANIEL SLIM/AFP available courtesy of Getty Images

It would also add to the crisis-level inventory of weapons held by the armed forces, which is already stretched thin due to factors including the inability to rapidly create enough ammunition to replace the supplies sent to Ukraine.

Without a sufficient supply of weapons, the military superiority on which American power and security are based will remain mostly notional.

We can’t help Ukraine or strengthen Taiwan if we can’t even supply our own needs with the right equipment.

Do environmentalists’ demands take precedence over checks on Russia and China?

To put a stop to this eco-craziness, Republican Texas Representative Jodey Arrington has introduced the “Missions not Emissions Act.”

That’s a good first step, but the bill to cover those costs is dead on arrival in the Senate, which is currently controlled by the Democrats.

What law gives Biden the authority to insist on such stringent carbon offsets? In particular, a serious threat to national security?

Nothing like this was ever envisioned when legislation like the Clean Air Act were passed by Congress.

From his push to enforce private sector COVID vaccinations to his offer of free loan forgiveness to students to his campaign to outlaw gas stoves, Biden consistently ignores and sidesteps the need for legislative authority.

Many of these abuses have been swatted by the Supreme Court over time, but the Biden group persists.

Furthermore, many federal agencies significantly go beyond their legal jurisdiction to impose policies that Democrats want but can’t get into legislation.

It’s a really crude approach to leadership for a party that insists the opposition is the real danger to democracy in the country.

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