Imposing Zigra Features in Newest GAMERA


gamer   GAMERA -Rebirth-

Gamera, the amiable Kaiju monster, will return to Netflix for a limited six-episode anime series later this year. Ahead of then, GAMERA -Rebirth- has actually been teasing the beasts Gamera handles in character posters with the most recent including the water animal Zigra being launched for Osaka Comic Con.

gamer   GAMERA -Rebirth-

gamer   GAMERA -Rebirth-

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Hiroyuki Seshita (Godzilla CG movie trilogy) directs GAMERA -Rebirth- at ENGI with Keisuke Ide assistant directing, Kenta Inohara, Koji Seko and Hiroyuki Seshita creating the series structure and the trio composing the screenplays with Tetsuya Yamada. Netflix will be launching all 6 episodes at some time in 2023, explaining the series as such:

The last summer season. Pals. And Kaiju–. In the summer season of 1989, Boko, Joe, and Junichi, all 6th grade school trainees, were having their last summertime excursion. There is anxiety about the future for all of them. Brody, the boy of a United States military leader, appears prior to the 3 of them and takes away the cash they have actually conserved together. Boko and his pals rage and create a plot to get their cash back. As they will perform the strategy, the town is threatened. Tokyo is suddenly under attack from the kaiju Gyaos. The four are terrified amid Gyaos’s demolished town. As Gyaos sets its eyes on them, a large kaiju arrives. Its name is Gamera. They have officially begun their “Summer of Kaiju.” Kaiju emerge one after another, and Gamera battles back in spite of his wounded. The little lads see the legend.

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