The very best electrical guitars for newbies in 2023

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Released at 5:00 PM on May 19, 2023

The electric guitar is a terrific way for musicians of all skill levels to enter the world of music production thanks to its enduring appeal, common noise, and incredibly enjoyable playing style. Although there are guitars in many shapes and sizes, the finest guitars for beginners are often compact and designed with simplicity of playability as their first priority. This list of the finest electric guitars for beginners contains something for every player, regardless of experience level, whether you’ve never owned a guitar or you’re an artist looking to add a simpler, easier-to-play instrument to your collection.

  • Finest total: Fender Player Mustang
  • Finest semi-hollow: Epiphone ES-335
  • Finest acoustic: Martin 0-X1E
  • Finest package: Fender Squier 24-Inch Strat Pack
  • Finest spending plan: Donner DST-400

How we picked the very best electrical guitars for novices

With a strong emphasis on style and playability, we put together this list of the absolute best electric guitars for beginners. Numerous guitars on the list also have small bodies, tapered necks, or short-scale designs, all of which make an instrument more comfortable and easier to play for small hands. We gave brand name credibility a secondary consideration, choosing brands like Fender, Epiphone, and Martin that have contributed significantly to the development of guitar music throughout history. While taking pricing into account, we mostly included instruments in the middle of the price range because, in our opinion, learning on a well-built guitar is simpler, more pleasurable, and more sustainable.

The very best electrical guitars for novices: Reviews & & Recommendations

We used our own musical and production background, the opinions of trusted peers, information from published reviewers, and online user reviews when choosing the top guitar amps. These are the electric guitars for beginners that we think are the best after looking at everything available on the market.

Finest general: Fender Player Mustang

Fender Player Mustang finest general electrical guitars for newbies item image

Why it was made: The Mustang is the ideal electric guitar to grow with since it has an accessible neck for small hands and a classic, adaptable solid-body tone.


  • Body: Strong alder, polyester surface
  • Neck: Maple bolt-on, C shape, satin urethane surface
  • Fretboard: Pau Ferro, 9.5-inch radius, 22 medium-jumbo worries
  • Scale length: 24″
  • Electronic devices: 2 x Mustang Single-coil pickups
  • Bridge: 6-saddle string-through-body hardtail Strat
  • Devices: None consisted of


  • Little body and a smooth, playable neck
    Simple access to a variety of tones is made possible by streamlined technological gadgets.
    traditional, refined fashion


  • Definitely intense tone may not be for everybody

The Fender Player Mustang is a small, solid-body electric guitar with a tone that is unmistakably attractive and a playability that appeals to new players. The Mustang differs from the Fender Stratocaster in that it has a shorter 24-inch scale length and a structured electrical devices arrangement that give it a satisfying immediacy and make it more suited for players with small hands and bodies. The two guitars have many of the same sonic characteristics. With its two single-coil pickups, simple tone and volume controls, and a variety of affordable tonal options, the Mustang can play rock, jazz, funk, and other genres. The Fender Mustang has a bright and jangly tone that is similar to that of the majority of solid-body electric guitars with single-coil pickups and is perfect for strumming chords and playing solos. The hollow-body Epiphone ES-335 is the second tease on our list for gamers who prefer a significantly deeper and more resonant tone.

Finest semi-hollow: Epiphone ES-335

Epiphone ES-335 finest semi-hollow electrical guitars for novices item image

Why it made it: The Epiphone ES-335 is an affordable option for beginners who don’t want to compromise on sound quality because it features a semi-hollow design based on the well-known Gibson guitar of the same name.


  • Body: Semi-hollow maple, gloss surface
  • Neck: Mahogany set neck, rounded C shape
  • Fretboard: Laurel, 12-inch radius, 22 medium-jumbo worries
  • Scale length: 24.75″
  • Electronic devices: 2 x Alnico traditional PRO humbuckers
  • Bridge: Epiphone Tune-O-Matic with stop bar
  • Devices: None consisted of


  • Warm and resonant tone best for jazz, blues, and rock
  • 12-inch neck radius for easy-to-bend notes
  • Gibson-inspired noise and sustain in an economical bundle


  • Big body might be uneasy for smaller sized gamers
  • Feeds back at high volumes

The Epiphone ES-335, a copy of the Gibson ES-335 that B.B. King and Chuck Berry preferred, is a semi-hollow electric guitar that has the same snarling sustain and resonant tone as its name at an affordable price. The ES-335, which has two humbucking pickups and is constructed with a sturdy maple tone block inside, offers a woody and earthy sound that is heavier on the low end and is a particularly appealing alternative for beginning jazz and blues guitarists. The Epiphone ES-335 can compete in a variety of rock and pop styles when combined with effects and overdrive, yet its semi-hollow shape leaves it prone to feedback when played through extremely loud amps. The 12-inch-radius neck of the guitar is slightly flatter than the 9.5-inch models found on many Fender guitars, giving it a little advantage for note bending. The large body of the ES-335 may be difficult or uncomfortable for beginners with shorter arms to handle, but the Epiphone ES-339 is a nearly identical model that offers the same sonic attributes with a smaller, easier-to-hold body.

Finest acoustic: Martin 0-X1E

Martin 0-1XE finest acoustic electrical guitars for newbies item image

Why it made it: Martin’s 0-X1E electric-acoustic is the ideal travelling companion due to its durable laminate construction and transportable tenor-size body.


  • Body: High-pressure laminate, satin surface, tenor size
  • Neck: Birch laminate, carrying out artist profile
  • Fretboard: Richlite, 16-inch radius, 20 worries
  • Scale length: 24.9″
  • Electronic devices: Fishman MX under-saddle pickup
  • Bridge: Richlite
  • Devices: Gig bag


  • Light-weight and long lasting with a little, portable body
  • Easy-to-play tapered neck
  • Resistant to modifications in temperature level and humidity


  • Laminate leading noises mellower than conventional spruce wood

For beginners and players on the road, the Martin 0-X1E is a small-body electric-acoustic guitar that is easy to play and carry. The 0-X1E was designed as a less expensive and more durable alternative to traditional wood models. It is constructed from high-pressure laminate, which is exceptionally light and extremely resistant to changes in humidity and temperature, allowing the guitar to withstand less-than-ideal storage and travel conditions. With a tenor-sized body and a tapered maple laminate neck, the Martin 0-X1E strikes a remarkable mix between playability and tone while also being easy to hold for smaller players. The Fishman MX under-saddle pickup on the guitar allows connection with guitar amplifiers and PA systems, making it convenient to use for tape-recording or performing live even if the 0-X1E sounds great, if not a little mellow, while unplugged. The Martin D-X1E is also worth a look if you want a similar playing experience with a larger body.

Finest package: Fender Squier 24-Inch Strat Pack

Fender Squire finest package electrical guitars for newbies item image

Why it made it: This Squier starting set includes everything you need to get started and is built around a small, simple-to-play Strat guitar.


  • Body: Poplar, polyurethane surface
  • Neck: Maple bolt-on, C shape, satin surface
  • Fretboard: Wood, 9.5-inch radius, 20 medium-jumbo worries
  • Scale length: 24″
  • Electronic devices: 3 x single-coil Stratocaster pickups
  • Bridge: Hardtail 6-saddle Strat bridge
  • Devices: Gig bag, amp, strap, tuner, cable television


  • Consists of an amplifier, strap, and other vital devices
  • 24-inch scale style is ideal for smaller sized gamers
  • Loads flexible Strat tone in a little bundle


  • Beginner-level equipment will not withstand into intermediate level

You may want to find a beginner’s quick-start set. Because of this, the Fender Squier 24-Inch Strat Pack is one of the best all-in-one guitar packages now on the market. It combines price, quality, and versatility. The package is built on a 24-inch scale Stratocaster-type guitar with a traditional 3-single-coil pickup arrangement. It offers classic solid-body tones in a distinctly compact and user-friendly design that feels similar to the Fender Player Mustang at a lower price. Along with a gig bag, cable TV, tuner and guitar options, the package also includes a 10-watt Squier Frontman 10G solid-state practise amp with clean and tube-emulated drive modes. This eliminates the need to cherry-pick equipment when you’re just starting out. The quality of the equipment included in this kit is undoubtedly good, but it probably won’t last through the intermediate period of a gamer’s career. Still, it’s a great way to get started without spending a fortune.

Finest spending plan: Donner DST-400

Blue Donner DST-400 budget plan electrical guitar on a Southwestern carpet

Why it made it: The Donner DST-400 is an excellent beginner electric that’s challenging to grow out of because to its adaptable noise and great develop quality.


  • Body: Strong alder, gloss polyester surface
  • Neck: Maple bolt-on, slim C shape, satin urethane surface
  • Fretboard: Laurel, 9.5-inch radius, 22 medium-jumbo worries
  • Scale length: 25.5″
  • Electronic devices: 2 x Seeker series single-coil, 1 x Seeker series humbucker
  • Bridge: 2-point integrated tremolo with vintage-style saddles
  • Devices: Gig bag, guitar strap, guitar cable television


  • Flexible mix single-coil and humbucker style
  • Timeless, aesthetically appealing Strat-style style
  • Consists of a number of necessary devices


  • May need a setup for sustainability

The Donner DST-400 is an affordable solid-body electric guitar with a customizable noise profile that is perfect for beginners. The DST-400 has a humbucking pickup in the bridge position, enhancing its tonal capabilities to cover a wide range of styles from rock and metal to R&B and jazz, unlike many beginner guitars that copied the Fender Stratocaster. The DST-400 is a full-size model that can last past the beginner stage and is constructed with a reasonably high level of quality assurance, making it an excellent budget option that might eliminate the need to update in a year or longer. The Donner DST-400, like any new instruments, would benefit from a proper setup to aid in its long-lasting playability, but our system felt great to play and was ready to use right out of the box. Everything you need to get started, barring an amp, is included, along with a cable TV, gig bag, and guitar strap.

Interested in learning about other more economical options? Check out our selection of the best electric guitars available for less than $500.

Things to think about prior to purchasing an electrical guitar for newbies

Do you have the needed devices?

Electrical guitars, in contrast to acoustic guitars, aren’t ready to play music right out of the box. For them to function properly, a few tools are required, including a guitar amplifier, a cable television, a tuner, a guitar strap, certain guitar options, and sometimes a stand.

Do you require a little guitar?

New players will benefit from learning on a smaller-than-average guitar if they have small hands or short arms. Children and young adults may probably prefer learning on a guitar with a 24-inch scale length, such as the Fender Player Mustang, or a guitar with a narrow, tapered neck, such as the Martin 0-X1E. Although choosing a guitar that is comfortable to play and complements the player’s body can be made much simpler, learning guitar is not always simple.

What design of music is it for?

For the majority of rock, funk, and other pop designs, a solid-body model like the Fender Player Mustang or Donner DST-400 will provide the powerful tone and quick attack required. Folk, c&w, and an acoustic-electric style like the Martin 0-X1E are better suited. A semi-hollow model like the Epiphone ES-335 is best if you want to perform jazz, blues, and other more traditional styles.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How much does a novice electrical guitar expense?

Electric guitars for beginners range in price from about $100 to $800.

Q: How much should you invest in a novice electrical guitar?

A beginner electric guitar will cost you between $250 and $800. Learning a new instrument is tough by nature, but you’ll typically find it easier if you aren’t having to deal with design flaws on a poorly made instrument. Because of this, investing a little bit more is never a terrible idea if you want the most fulfilling and long-lasting experience.

Q: Is it okay for a newbie to begin with an electrical guitar?

Not only is it OK for a beginner to start with an electric guitar, but it may also be the quickest way to become familiar with the instrument. Because of their sensitive increased styles and lower string movement, acoustic guitars require players to play with a certain degree of force and accuracy that isn’t usually required on electric guitars.

Q: Can you find out electrical guitar in one year?

The recursive nature of the electric guitar and the relatively straightforward nature of its basic chord structures make it possible to learn the instrument in a year. Similar to developing any skill, learning can take time, but with consistent practise, it’s feasible to build a foundation in just one year.

Last ideas on the very best electrical guitars for newbies

  • Finest total: Fender Player Mustang
  • Finest semi-hollow: Epiphone ES-335
  • Finest acoustic: Martin 0-X1E
  • Finest package: Fender Squier 24-Inch Strat Pack
  • Finest budget plan: Donner DST-400

We recommend the Fender Player Mustang as the best electric guitar for beginners because of its excellent build quality, timeless short-scale design, and ability to endure throughout a gamer’s career. Although it has many of the similar characteristics, the Epiphone ES-335 has a semi-hollow shape, which makes it more suitable for jazz, blues, and other conventional electrical designs. The durable Martin 0-X1E is a favourite among folk and country musicians because of its small body acoustic-electric design and long-lasting laminate construction. The Fender Squier 24-Inch Strat Pack should be considered by beginners who want to acquire all of the necessary equipment at once, but if you decide to bring your own amp, the Donner DST-400 might end up being an even better option in the long run.

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