The very best PDSW 528 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 Season 3


In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the PDSW 528 is one of the first submachine guns players will have unlocked. This SMG is familiar to veterans of the Call of Duty series as the P90, although in MW2 it goes by a more pricey moniker. Whatever the case may be, the SMG performs and appears identically like the P90 in every Modern Warfare game before to this one. The PDSW 58 has gained a sizable fan base since its most recent overhaul, making it a more well-liked choice than ever before. The optimum loadout for the PDSW 528 in Modern Warfare 2 should be known if players are interested in trying out the newly polished weapon.

The PDSW 528 may not be the best submachine gun for multiplayer, but it certainly isn’t the worst. For such a little weapon, it packs quite a punch and has an impressive rate of fire. The P90’s primary strength is its smaller base publication size, which is second best only to the Minibak. Gamers will be able to take care of several foes before they need to worry about restocking. However, players may obtain an edge over their rivals by equipping the PDSW 528 with a few select accessories.

Keep reading down below to discover the PDSW 528’s full loadout in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Players in MW2 who intend to use the PDSW 528 should prioritise mobility due to the weapon’s close-range SMG functionality. So that players aren’t completely helpless at greater distances, there are also accessories that boost other statistics.

  • Muzzle:Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider
  • Barrel: 9.5 ″ Duke-30
  • Stock: CQB Stock
  • Rail: Integrated Reflex Rail
  • Ammo:5.7 x28mm Overpressured

The CQB Stock and 9.5″ Duke-30 barrel substantially boost mobility, allowing players to swiftly close the distance and engage opponents with a weapon. Players have a far greater chance of winning gunfights while armed with the Spiral v2.5 Flash Hider, which improves recoil control, and when using 5.7 x28mm Overpressured ammo, which causes opponents to flinch more. The iron sights on the PDSW 528 may be replaced with the far more accurate Integrated Reflex Rail.


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