Worlds 2022 Event: Spirit Blossom Skins & Content Now Available

Worlds 2022 is approaching, and the very first stop remains in the spirit world with brand-new Spirit Blossom skins, chromas, icons, and more!


Continue reading for a take a look at the brand-new Spirit Blossom material!


Occasion Trailer

“How will you commemorate this Worlds season? There’s something for everybody with Spirit Blossom, Bewitching, Worlds 2022 Azir, URF and more.”

Worlds 2022 FAQ

“The finest groups from worldwide are Star Walkin’ to North America for Worlds 2022, their steps rippling throughout Runeterra in splashes of mystic worlds, scary vibes, and more. Commemorate their accomplishments with 3 vibrant skinlines for Worlds 2022!


  • Start: October 6, 2022 at 1:00 PM (PT)
  • Occasion Ends: November 14, 2022 at 11:59 PM (PT)
  • Store Closes: November 21, 2022 at 1:00 PM (PT)*

Objectives will begin and stop on the very same dates, however you’ll have up until November 21, 2022 at 11:00 AM (PT) to buy your Worlds 2022 Tokens or Worlds 2022 Pass!”

Champ Skins

10 skins are now readily available:

Spirit Blossom Aphelios

1350 RP
Ionians share whispered stories of the twin spirits of the night, Aphelios and Alune. It is stated the darkening of the sky originates from the bro’s weaponries, tearing the material of blues and whites apart to develop an obsidian canvas painted with stars. The sis’s intentions are more … mystical.”


ApheliosLoadScreen 20.PIE C 12 19ApheliosLoadscreen 20 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Darius

1350 RP

Darius’ body was up to the dirt, yet another soldier’s sacrifice. His soul would not rest. Getting his axe simply as quickly as it was knocked from his mortal hand, the Spirit of War occurred. A catastrophe inspired just towards bloodshed, Darius stalks the mortal world, looking for the excitement of fight.”


DariusLoadScreen 43.PIE C 12 19DariusLoadscreen 43 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Evelynn

1350 RP

Come. Leave your flesh behind and enter the Spirit World. Bring with you just your desires, your vices, your unpleasant memories. Let the Spirit of Love feed upon these undesirable temptations, for her appetite is ravenous. Evelynn will reveal you peace at last.”


EvelynnLoadScreen 32.PIE C 12 19EvelynnLoadscreen 32 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Master Yi

1350 RP

Legends mention Master Yi, a swordsman who took however one trainee in his life time. After an unceremonious betrayal, Yi died– not from a blade, however from a damaged heart. Now the Spirit of Legacy wanders the spirit world, looking for a student. He is lost, anybody that joins him predestined to deal with the exact same fate.”


MasterYiLoadScreen 52.PIE C 12 19MasterYiLoadscreen 52 LE.PIE C 12 19

Eminence Spirit Blossom Master Yi

Occasion Tokens


MasterYiLoadScreen 53.PIE C 12 19MasterYiLoadscreen 53 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Sett

1820 RP/ Legendary

Some guide the dead down the course; others lure them from it. Another still has no obligations, as his spirit depends on dispute with itself. Born from Kanmei and Akana, Sett lived harmoniously till, deserted by his daddy, he looked for retribution. Now he can just capture whispers of redemption as he invests his days challenging killed warriors, evaluating their worth.”


SettLoadScreen 38.PIE C 12 19SettLoadscreen 38 LE.PIE C 12 19

As a famous skin,Spirit Blossom Setthas a brand-new voiceover:

Here are his complete unique interactions:

Spirit Blossom Soraka

1350 RP

In a remote corner of the Akana forest, Soraka weeps for those she’s lost. Each life interrupted she longed to conserve, however for as numerous that welcome her as a hero, there are others who see her power as a ruthless ruthlessness. To the Spirit of Pity, death is never ever a true blessing.”


SorakaLoadScreen 27.PIE C 12 19SorakaLoadscreen 27 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Syndra

1350 RP

Kids hear stories of the rescuer of lost souls, the ever-reclusive Spirit of Freedom. One such mentions a tree that covered its roots around a roaming wisp. The wisp had a hard time alone– up until Syndra swindled the bindings that held it tight, as she would provide for all animals, lest they be lost permanently.”


SyndraLoadScreen 44.PIE C 12 19SyndraLoadscreen 44 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Tristana

1350 RP

For those that look for splendor on the battleground, to those that want to the spirits for an abundant harvest, Tristana welcomes all with a toothy smile. The Spirit of Chance has no favorites, no commitments or intentions. She merely enjoys the turmoil, the worry in guys’s eyes at the roll of the dice.”


TristanaLoadScreen 51.PIE C 12 19TristanaLoadscreen 51 LE.PIE C 12 19

Spirit Blossom Yorick

1350 RP

The grove he called house charred to ashes prior to his extremely eyes. While another pulled back into privacy, Yorick permitted latest thing to consume him. The flowers and trees that flower in the Spirit of Ruin’s wake are haunting, the garden enthusiasts that tend to them wailing animals of the night.”


YorickLoadScreen 30.PIE C 12 19YorickLoadscreen 30 LE.PIE C 12 19


New sets of chromas are now offered!

Spirit Blossom Master Yi

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Soraka

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Tristana

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Evelynn

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Yorick

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Darius

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Syndra

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Aphelios

[9 Chromas]


Spirit Blossom Sett

[6 Chromas]


Summoner Icons

Lots of summoner icons are now offered:

Worlds 2022 Event Icon, Spirit Blossom Mask Icon

A complimentary turning point unique Worlds 2022 icon.


Spirit Blossom Lotus Icon

An Event Pass turning point unique Worlds 2022 icon.


Spirit Blossom Event Icon

A totally free objective special Spirit Blossom icon.


Spirit Blossom Pass Icon

An occasion pass package special Spirit Blossom icon.


Spirit Blossom Mythic Essence Icon

An icon crafted w/ the 125 Mythic Essence store product.


Status Edition Spirit Blossom Master Yi Icon

Status Edition Icon for Spirit Blossom Master Yi.


Spirit Blossom Sett Legendary Border Icon

An icon that entitles the border for this champ.


Spirit Blossom X Border Icon

An icon that entitles the border for this champ.


Spirit Blossom Sett Legendary Chroma Icon

An icon that features the Event Shop-exclusive chroma.


Spirit Blossom X Chroma Icon

An icon that includes the Event Shop-exclusive chroma


Ward Skin

A ward skin is offered by means of the occasion pass:

2022 Spirit Blossom Ward

“This ward was made throughout the Worlds 2022 occasion.”

wardHero 230

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