Xbox Boss Says Call Of Duty Would Run


Microsoft formerly revealed a “10-year dedication”

  • by Liam Doolan
Image: Nintendo Life

If its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through, Microsoft has a “10-year dedication” to deliver the Call of Duty series to Nintendo platforms.

During the ongoing ‘FTC v Microsoft’ court battle, Team Xbox has really clarified what fans can expect if they are wondering if the series would ever operate on Nintendo devices.

Phil Spencer, president of gaming at Microsoft and leader of the Xbox division, has said (via CharlieIntel) that the Switch version of Call of Duty may perform “reasonably excellent compared to other Switch video games,” but that it would not match the performance of the Xbox version.

Microsoft’s Head of Game Studios, Matt Booty, also said in a statement that Call of Duty could be ported to the Switch with some tweaks to the game’s “graphics and properties” and frame rate.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has stated that the company hopes to port “absolutely the very best version of Call of Duty” to all platforms. A UK CMA filing also noted that Xbox was “positive” Activision may optimise the series for Switch.

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