XXXTentacion Killers Sentenced to “Rot” In Prison As Trial Timeline Concludes

The Hon. Judge Michael Usan dropped the gavel on 3 life sentences for the 3 guys– Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome– were condemned last month in the 2018 murder of increasing rap artist XXXTentacion

XXXTentacion Trial


The 3 guys founded guilty of eliminating the late-South Florida rap artist, XXXTentacion, got life sentences on April 6. The life sentence is a rule as Florida law points out a life sentence for first-degree murder convictions, which all guys were charged with.

“You’ll invest every hour and week and year in your cell,” Usan stated throughout the sentencing. “And one day you have actually handed down and on that day you would’ve served your sentence.”

Throughout the sentencing, XXX’s friends and family were permitted to deal with the killers.

“You not just eliminated a kid, however you eliminated a daddy,” stated Solomon Sobande who was XXX’s supervisor.

“I heard the death sentence is off the table,” Melody Jones, the rap artist’s terrific auntie, informed the males. “However, whatever time is provided and whichever hole you are sent out, I hope it is hell and you rot there.”

The 4th male, Robert Allen, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and will be sentenced on April 12.

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All 3 of XXXTentacion’s killers, Michael Boatwright, Dedrick Williams, and Trayvon Newsome were condemned of eliminating the late rap artist. Over 20 hours of consideration later on– which started on March 7, the jury lastly provided a “guilty” decision on the XXXTentacion murder trial on March 20. The 3 males each face life in jail.

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The 3 guys on trial for the murder of XXXTentacion were discovered guilty of eliminating the rap artist in a messed up robbery-turned-homicide, on March 20.

Guilty As Charged

Michael Boatwright

Boatwright was recognized as the triggerman in the shooting that eliminated XXX and was condemned of first-degree murder and break-in with a gun.

Dedrick Williams

Williams was condemned of first-degree murder, break-in with a gun, and running an automobile without a legitimate license. Williams was recognized in court as the vacation motorist.

Trayvon Newsome

The 3rd guy, who was likewise the 2nd shooter in the event. He was likewise the one seen getting XXX’s Louis Vuitton that held the $50,000 in money from the guest side. He was condemned of first-degree murder and burglary with a fatal weapon

Robert Allen

Allen, the 4th male included pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and burglary with a gun in August 2022. Allen was likewise the prosecution’s star witnesswho affirmed versus Williams, Boatwright, and Newsome.

Allen, wishing for much better sentencing, might have pleaded guilty, however if all of the males are founded guilty, he might see lower sentencing. His sentencing was set initially for Feb. 23 however was altered to follow the trial.

Boatwright, Newsome, and Williams were all founded guilty of first-degree murder and face necessary life sentences as soon as sentenced.

XXXTentacion was shot and eliminated on June 18, 2018, leaving Riva MotorsportsThroughout the trial, it was exposed the males targeted XXX and prepared to rob him. Equipped with weapons, they obstructed the exit of the dealer as XXX was leaving. 2 guys, Williams and Boatwright, approached the rap artist’s BMW.There was a short battle prior to Boatwright opened fire, 3 shots, eliminating XXXTentacion.

Day 21 & & 22: XXXTentacion Murder Trial Jurors Scrutinize Phone Records As Deliberations Continue

The jury in the murder trial of late-Florida rap artist, XXXTentacionhas actually not reached a decision and continues pondering given that March 7th. The jury will enter its 6th day of considerations on March 15 at 10:30 a.m. ET.

Day 6 Deliberations For XXXTentacion

There is still no decision as the jury in the murder trial of late-Florida rap artist, XXXtentacion equipments to enter its 6th day of considerations at 10:30 a.m. on March 15th.

Following the state and defense’s closing arguments, the 12-person jury has actually remained in consideration for roughly 20 hours given that March 7.

Asking for to examine proof, on March 13, the jurors crowded near a projector screen to examine about 12,000 text, a huge variety of videos, and pictures took from the 2 mobile phone that likewise consisted of timestamps, place, and metadata.

The images and videos from the phones of the supposed shooter, Michael Boatwright, and the implicated vacation chauffeur, Dedrick Williams likewise consisted of the males flashing fistfuls of $100 hours after they robbed, shot, and eliminated XXX.

Prior to finishing up the 4th day, March 13, of consideration, the jurors likewise asked to see a records of Willam’s declaration to investigators following his arrest. Broward County Sheriff, John Curcio, among the lead investigators in the event, affirmed on the declaration however a records was not participated in proof. The jurors were informed by Hon. Judge Michael Usan to depend on their memory of what Curcio stated.

On the 5th day of considerations, March 14, the jury still had no decision. Judge Usan stated the jurors are anticipated to return for a 6th day, March 15, at 10:30 a.m. to continue considerations.

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XXXTentacion Trial– March 13 & & 14

The jury, who have actually been listening to witness statements given that Feb. 7 in the murder trial of late-Florida rap artist, XXXTentacion, has actually formally gone into consideration on March 8. Simply a couple of hours in, the Hon. Judge Michael Usan advised the jurors to return on March 9 at 10:30 a.m. to continue considerations.

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Spilling into 2 days, March 7-8, of closing arguments all sides provided arguments one last time. District attorney Pascale Achille called the guys, Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright, and Trayvon Newsom– “predators” who assaulted an unwary XXX.

The Prosecution’s Closing Arguments

Achille advised the jury to return with a “guilty” conviction.

She likewise played mobile phone videos of the offenders hours after XXX passed away and set out ballistic and cellular phone proof.

“This is who they are,” Achille informed the jury while playing videos of the guys smiling, dancing, and flashing fistfuls of $100 expenses.

“This is their genuine character,” she continued. “Killers that within 24 hours after shooting the victim dead and taking $50,000 from him, this is what they do.”

“Look at how delighted they look. Take a look at how fired up they look,” she kept in mind as she continued to play the video.

Achille likewise played security video from the Riva Motorsports and of the guys presumably stowing away the Black Dodge Journey SUV she declared linked the males to the murder.

The Defense Closing Arguments

Boatwright’s lawyer, Joseph Kimok provided the last defense closing arguments on March 8. He informed jurors that while XXX dealt with his killers prior to getting shot to death, the DNA discovered on his body, in addition to the taken chain, wasn’t from Boatwright.

Kimok likewise stated the DNA wasn’t Newsome’s, the implicated 2nd shooter or Williams who has actually been implicated of being the vacation motorist and ringleader.

“Whoever (XXXTentacion) battled with is not in this courtroom,” Kimok informed the jurors. “The DNA shows that somebody not called, Michael Boatwright or Trayvon Newsome took part in this murder.”

Boatwright has actually been called the supposed shooter that shot the 3 bullets that eliminated XXXtentacion.

William’s lawyer, Mauricio Padilla informed the jury Allen was a “phony.” Keeping in mind that the prosecution’s extra witnesses likewise opposed each other. He likewise stated the Broward County Sheriff’s department didn’t take a look at other possible suspects, specifically rap star Drake, who was beefing with XXX at the time of his death.

Mentioning the social networks money flash, Padilla stated Williams did other work, consisting of tattooing that he made money in money. He likewise stated the video of Williams with the money indicated absolutely nothing.

“Guilt By Association …”

Padilla likewise made efforts to call into question the security video proof and informed the jury that while Williams remained in the dealer and seen strolling back to the SUV, there were minutes the Black Dodge Journey appears not noticeable and Williams might have quickly gone out and left.

Newsome’s lawyer, George Reres, prompted the jury not to convict him based upon Allen’s testament or proof. Reres stated the proof links the other 2 guys, however Newsome.

“He was not there,” Reres informed the jury.

Reres likewise poked at the state’s star witness and kept in mind that Allen was a “12-time founded guilty felon who ought to not be thought.”

He likewise kept in mind that Newsome’s DNA was not discovered on any proof.

“He did some dumb things– he presented with some cash,” Reres stated about Newsome. “Guilt by association is not something the law allows.”

The 3 males, Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright, and Trayvon Newsom might each be founded guilty for life in jail.

The 4th male, Robert Allen, likewise the prosecution’s star witness, pleaded guilty and is currently waiting for sentencing.

DAY 18: State & & Defense Rest Their Case In XXXTentacion Murder Trial

5 years after XXXTentacion’s murder, the state and defense rested their case on March 3. Preparing for closing declarations, the 3 males on trial for the late-Florida rap artist’s murder each face life in jail.

The murder trial of the late-Florida rap artist, XXXTentacion is beginning to unwind as all sides, prosecution, and defense have “rested” their cases.

Closing declarations are anticipated to begin on March 7.

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Day 17: Cell Phone Data Links Williams & & Boatwright To The Murder Scene

The prosecution called its last witness, on March 2, Broward Sheriff’s Office digital forensics inspector, James Kepvanee.

Kempvanee evaluated phone proof coming from offenders Dedrick Williams and Michael Boatwright. According to Kempvanee’s testament, cellular phone place information connected the accuseds, Williams and Boatwright to the scene. The phone likewise consisted of incriminating photos and videos caught hours after the murder, according to Kempvanee.

He likewise stated among the photos was of XXX’s taken money taken at around 10:15 p.m. on June 18, 2018, the day of the late rap artist’s murder.

Day 16: Court Was Not In Session

On the 16th day of the trial, March 1, there was no court in session.

Day 15: State Close To “Resting” Case

The state and defense continued to cross-examine professional witnesses, they reviewed the witness intimidation towards the state’s star witness, Robert Allen.

According to Broward County Deputy David Alvarez, he was accompanying Allen when Newsome began chewing out them.

“He started to shout ‘there he is, dealing with the popo, the cops,” Alvarez stated relating to Newsome’s outbursts prior to court. “He likewise stated he’s dealing with the white male now.”

The state is anticipated to call its last witness on March 2 without any court arranged for March 1.

Day 14: Court Was Not In Session

On the fourteenth day of the trial, Feb. 27, there was no court in session.

Day 13: Drake May Be Skipping Court But His Name Continues To Haunt XXXTentacion Murder Trial

Drake was just recently dismissed from the murder trial of late Florida rap artist XXXTentacion after his legal group submitted movements asking for deposition. Regardless of his termination, because Feb. 16, his name continues to haunt the trial. The Toronto rap artist’s fight with XXXTentacion resurfaced as defense lawyer tried to connect the murder to his 2017 friction with the late rap artist.

According to Drake’s lawyer Bradford Cohen, who submitted the movement, there was “no proof” linking Drake to XXX’s murder.

“No proof,” Cohen firmly insisted in a reported court filing. “Has been offered to validate the assertion that the [Drake] in any method added to, understood, or took part in the supposed event.”

… to mandate that he stand for deposition for something that he really plainly has no pertinent understanding of is unreasonable,” he continued in the court filing.

District Attorney Pascale Achille has actually likewise made efforts to call into question the defense’s argument that XXX’s death was not linked to other artists or media characters. The defense, desired to question Drake’s participation, if any at all.

“At this point it appears to me absolutely nothing more than harassment of somebody …” Judge Michael Usan stated. “You are now simply attempting to drag someone in who is a celeb.”

Drake Vs. XXXTentacion

On the interrogation, Broward Sheriff’s Detective John Curcio was inquired about the beef in between the rap artists. Describing January 2017 when Drake launched the sneak peek of his”KMTfor his More Life album. It was when individuals started comparing his circulation to XXX’s breakout tune, “Look At Me!”

Drake rejected he jacked the tune, XXX implicated him of taking his circulation in an interview on Miami’s 103.5 The Beat

“He is not a guy. I believe he’s a b * tch, that’s a b * tch relocation,” XXX stated madly after he called Drake out.

Referencing the beef, the defense lawyer likewise asked Det. Curcio of his understanding of the social networks posts that XXX openly shared that straight-out pointed at Drake– and stated if he ever got eliminated, to blame it on him. XXX later on stated his page had actually been hacked.

He was likewise questioned why he didn’t even more examine the other rap artists, who XXX was likewise feuding with consisting of– 600 Breezy Tekashi 6ix9ine Joe Buddenand Migos members: Quavo Balanced outand the late-rapper Departure

Curcio stated he was just knowledgeable about the tweet associated to Drake, which might not be verified, he stated.

“I have no issue with Drake,” Curcio responded after paraphrasing XXX’s social posts.

Day 12: Medical Examiner Detailed The Three Fatal Shots To XXX’s Neck

Broward County Medical Examiner, Iouri Boiko supplied the six-person jury with information on the deadly injuries XXXTentacion, whose genuine name is Jahseh Onfroy, sustained when he was assassinated in the summertime of 2018.

Boiko stated each bullet struck XXX simply centimeters apart.

“Three different bullets existed an exit injury on injury A for Mr. Onfroy,” state district attorney Pascale Achille asked.

The jury existed with graphic images of the deadly injuries sustained by the late rap artist. Judge Michael Usan likewise asked the pictures not be turned towards the general public due to the disturbing images.

“No,” Boiko responded, keeping in mind a projectile or bullet stayed inside XXX.

Broward County guns specialist, William Ruiz Fontanez stated all bullets originated from the exact same gun.

“The 3 bullets were fired by the very same unidentified 22-long rifle quality gun,” stated William Ruiz Fontanez likewise describing cases discovered on the scene.

The trial is anticipated to last through March 31 however might cover earlier.

Day 11: Dedrick Williams’ Phone Traced Before & & After The Botched Robbery

Broward Sheriff Office Det. John Curcio affirmed on William’s cellular phone proof on Feb. 21. According to Curcio, the timelines leading up to XXX’s unfortunate death matched.

“The 2 various timelines mirrored each other,” Curcio stated. “When the phone got here, the vehicle, the journey is seen, when the phone leaves Riva, the journey is leaving Riva.

District attorneys likewise played Instagram videos of Williams flashing the countless dollars of taken money on social networks.

Broward Sheriff Office Det. Walter Foster stated the clothes Williams was using the day of the murder assisted him determine him.

” He was using a white or gray tank top and some dark colored trousers and some orange slides or slippers,” Foster explained.

Day 10: Court Not In Session: President’s Day Observance

The court will not be in session due to the observance of President’s Day on Feb. 20. Court will resume on Feb. 21.

Day 9: ‘I Saw Him Struggling’– Eyewitness Testifies

Riva Motorsports sales agent, Marco Rueda, likewise struck the stand and informed jurors on Feb. 17 “there was a great deal of having a hard time going on.” He remembered being 60 feet away when the guys assailed XXXtentacion.

“One of them came by to the guest’s side when the door was open,” Rueda affirmed.

Following the gunshots, Rueda stated he saw the males speed off in the black Dodge Journey

“I saw the individual over Mr. Onfroy holding the rifle weapon whatever it was,” Rueta stated. “I saw him having a hard time, having a hard time, reaching in, reaching into the cars and truck, the other gentleman likewise reaching and I heard the gunshots.”

He likewise shared how the late rap artist’s death impacted him.

“He was such a good boy,” Rueda included. “He constantly was available in incredibly pleased. That is the method he appeared that day.”

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Day 8: Lead Forensic Investigator Walks Jury Through Gunshot Evidence On XXXTentacion’s Clothing

Broward Sheriff’s Office leads forensic private investigator, Det. Clint Williams, on Feb. 16, strolled the jury through proof gathered on the day of the criminal activity, June 18, 2016. The supposed 3 guys on trial eliminated the late rap artist in a messed up break-in, with a 4th pleading guilty in August 2022.

Strolling the jury through graphic proof, Achille asked Det. Williams about the gunshot “flaws” apparent on the coat and sweatshirt XXXTentacion used at Riva Motorsports on June 2016, in Deerfield Beach, Fla., where he was killed.

Throughout the three-minute burglary, Robert Allen, who affirmed versus Dedrick Williams, Michael Boatwright, Trayvon Newsome, declared– Boatwright fired the two-three shots that eliminated XXXTentacion and Newsome nabbed the Louis Vuitton bag with money.

The injuries sustained by XXX, matched the physical proof according to Det. Williams, who spoke on the forensics, linked to the video where the shooter, supposedly Boatwright, intended a weapon straight into the motorist’s window on the left side of the automobile.

Achille explained the holes on the left side of the coat and sweatshirt near the neck where XXX sustained the disastrous gunshot injuries.

“Does it appear the flaws in state’s [Exhibit] 34 are originating from where it would be the left neck of the victim where gunshots would be if the victim was shot in the left side of the neck?”

“Both the sweatshirt and the coat assistance that,” Det. Williams responded.

The Key Witnesses Questioned So Far …

Allen likewise stated he called Tony Robinson, William’s buddy, who leased the car for the males, to collaborate the leasing. The previously mentioned car was utilized in the commission of the criminal activity.

“I got a call from Chuck,” Robinson stated. “Saying that Big Rob, [Allen]wished to lease a vehicle, however since Chucky, [Williams]wasn’t going to exist, I asked him to have Big Rob call me straight.”

Later on that day she got a call from Boatright, who informed her they had actually damaged the Dodge Journey.

Robinson stated when she overtook Williams, he was “upset.”

She likewise stated she remained at her home while Williams drove to the scene of the mishap in her automobile. She likewise remembered when Allen, Boatwright, Newsome, and Williams later on appeared together. The group argued about who would take duty for the rental automobile damages, she remembered.

“He, [Williams]felt he should not need to spend for it considering that he wasn’t there when it took place,” she affirmed.

That’s when Williams handed her $1000 in money that she utilized to spend for the damages to the rental automobile.

“They were one-hundred-denomination expenses,” Robinson remembered. “And they were all crispy.”

Snapping Photos?

Scott Barbieux, a witness who saw the minute XXX was eliminated, likewise affirmed. He likewise recorded the event with this phone. Barbieux stated he heard the shots fired prior to the males repelled in the leasing.

“When I heard the shots for a couple seconds I lagged the vehicle,” Barbieux stated. “Then, when I reverse, that’s when they leapt in the vehicle and they repelled.”

Barbieux affirmed he duck for cover and when the guys repelled in the Dodge he went to the BMW. After shaking the lifeless XXX, he stated, he snapped an image of the injured rap artist and published it on his Snapchat minutes later on.

Achille asked why he took the image.

“Because I was a huge fan of his, and I desired an image to keep in mind that permanently,” Barbieux responded.

Barbieux’s then-girlfriend, Layla Can likewise affirmed a comparable account to Barbieux and likewise noted she too was with at the Riva Motorsports that afternoon.

“They were screaming, ‘Get out of the vehicle'”, Can affirmed. “I saw them reach into the automobile. Both of them were on the motorist’s side.”

Day 7: XXXTentacion’s Fatal Robbery Not Connected To Drake Beef, Witness Testifies

Tenell Carter, the ex-girlfriend of among the guys associated with the messed up robbery-turned-homicide, struck the witness stand on the 6th day of the murder trial. Carter stated Drake and other stars called had absolutely nothing to do with the murder.

Drake will not be deposed, according to Hon. Judge Michael Usan.

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Dedrick Williams’ Ex-Girlfriend Takes The Stand

On the stand, Assistant State Attorney Pascale Achille questioned Dedrick Williams’ ex-girlfriend Tenell Carter, who was informed by Williams himself that he existed for the burglary and murder.
Williams is among 3 guys– Michael Boatwright, 28, and Trayvon Newsome, 24, on trial for the killing of South Florida rap artist XXXTentacion on June 18, 2018. The 4th shooter, Robert Allen, pleaded guilty in 2022 and was the state’s star witness.

Williams is the supposed trip motorist.

“Dedrick Williams in fact informed you that he existed throughout the burglary and the murder of Jahseh Onfroy, did he not,” Achille asked Carter.

“Yes, ma’am,” Carter reacted.

Achille likewise asked Carter if Williams informed her he saw the break-in by the implicated– shooter, Boatwright, and the shooter, Newsome.

“And he informed you understood them personally?” Achille followed.

Carter validated both concerns.

“It wasn’t expected to decrease like that,” Carter informed Achille that Williams had actually informed her,

Day 6: Drake Won’t Get Summoned To XXXTentacion Murder Trial

Achille likewise questioned the participation of other stars discussed or called as associated with the case. Months prior to the trial, lots of reports flowed on social networks, including a star-studded list of rap artists to the witness list.

From Drake, with whom XXX had a continuous fight, to Chicago rap artist 600 Breezy Tekashi 6ix9ine Joe Buddenand Migos members: Quavo Balanced outand the late-rapper Departurewho died in November 2022.

The witness list was at first sent by Williams’ defense lawyer Mauricio Padilla who called Drake in his opening declarations.

Since Feb. 16, Drake will not be summoned to be deposed in the XXXTentacion murder trial. At the time of press, it was unidentified whether the other called stars would be pursued or if they would follow Drake’s current relocations and file movements to avoid getting deposed.

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Drake’s Armed Security ‘Kicked’ The Subpoena

William’s defense lawyer, Mauricio Padilla released a movement needing Drake to provide a deposition. Padilla likewise discussed Drake in his opening declarations on Feb. 7. Los Angeles Magazine legal press reporter Meghann Cuniff shared, on Twitter, court files where Padilla detailed the effort to provide the subpoena to Drake’s California house was “kicked” down the driveway by his armed security after the servers were sent out away on Feb. 14th.

“I Knew There Was A Good Chance We Could Be Caught”– State’s Star Witness Details XXXTentacion’s Final Moments

Robert Allen, the only suspect to plead guilty in 2022 for the murder of the late rap artist XXXTentacion, continued to affirm versus the other suspects on trial on Feb. 14.

Detailing the minutes leading up to XXX’s death, Allen, under oath explained his function throughout the minutes leading up to the shooting. He likewise determined He determined his co-defendants on the security video and in court. He followed his statement with in-depth info on their functions in throughout the break-in.

The 4th offender, stated once they acknowledged the rap artist, it was settled they would rob him. Allen likewise affirmed that Canadian rap artist Drake did not employ him or any of the offenders to rob and eliminate XXXTentacion, according to continued reports from Law and Crime.

Inside the shop, Allen, in addition to Williams, Boatwright, and Newsome can be seen on electronic camera considering XXXTentacion.

To look like if they left the Riva Motorsports’ facilities in Deerfield, Fla., the males parked throughout the street and awaited the rap artist. The strategy, according to Allen, was to obstruct XXX off. The rap artist was uninformed he remained in any risk, Allen likewise included.

“I understood there was a great chance we would be captured,” Allen stated.

“Drake Did Not Hire Me”

When XXX left Riva Motorsports and entered into his automobile, the black Dodge Journey “brought up.” Boatwright and Newsome leapt out of the cars and truck. While Boatwright held the weapon, Newsom moved XXX’s chain.

Newsom took theLouis Vuitton bag on the guest side. Boatwright apparently shot at the chauffeur’s side window, point blank at XXX, according to Allen.

After the event, the guys ran away to Robinson’s house, Allen stated.

Allen likewise confessed on the interrogation that the negotiated with district attorneys might minimize his sentence to 5 to 6 years for his testament. He likewise verified he might stroll totally free faster than later on if district attorneys are pleased with his testament and his co-defendants are founded guilty.

Concluding his last day on the stand, Allen, on redirect, stated five-time Grammy Award-winning rap artist, Drake did not employ him, Williams, Boatwright, or Newsome, to rob or eliminate XXXtentacion.

Day 5: Drake Objects SubpoenaLegal Team Files Motion

Canadian rap artist Drake was expected to get deposed on Feb. 10, however submitted a movement, on Feb. 13, to leave the deposition in the murder trial, according to TMZ reports. This follows Judge Usan’s order to appear on Zoom on Feb. 24 to address concerns after presumably avoiding a deposition on Jan. 27.

If Drizzy misses out on the next deposition date, he should appear inside Broward County’s 17th Judicial Circuit Court on Feb. 27 for Judge Usan to identify whether he ought to be held in contempt of court.

State Witness Admits He Lied About Snatching XXXTentacion’s Chain To Get A Better Deal

XXXTentatcion murder trial witness, Robert Allen under oath on Feb. 13 stated he depended on previous declarations to investigators. Allen is among the 4 males that assailed the late rap artist at Riva Motorsports in June 2018. Allen pleaded guilty in August 2022.

Under oath, Allen confessed he wasn’t upcoming throughout preliminary questioning. He admitted he lied about the cash, weapons, and chain snatching.

“I attempted to make it appear like I didn’t understand absolutely nothing … I was generally simply informing [detectives] what Dedrick [Williams] informed me. I was simply attempting to prevent putting myself under, at the time.”

Allen continued to affirm and recognized his pal, Tony Robinson as the person who leased the Black Dodge Journey for him. William’s lawyer, Mauricio Padilla asserted Allen and Robinson had a sexual relationship, however Achille argued Padilla was deliberately attempting to misguide the jury.

Respectable Judge Michael Usan launched the jury for the day, court and counsel would return at 3:30 p.m. EST for Motions.

Day 4: Court Was Not In Session

On the 4th day of the trial, Feb. 10, there was no court in session.

Day 2 & & 3: Witness Intimidations Clouds XXXTentacion Murder Trial

District attorneys stated co-defendant Trayvon Newsome screamed slurs and tried to daunt Robert Allen, the state witness who has actually linked 3 other males in the burglary and murder of XXXTentacion on Feb. 9.

Allen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder in August 2022. He took the stand for the very first time on Feb. 9 to affirm versus co-defendants– Newsome, Boatwright, and Williams. All 4 guys are implicated of taking part in the June 18, 2018 killing of XXXTentacion.

Florida district attorneys stated XXXTentacion murder accused Trayvon Newsome chewed out the admitted foe, Robert Allen, while in holding cells prior to the court.

The supposed witness tampering was verified by Broward Deputy David Alvarez who affirmed that Newsome chewed out Allen while the 2 guys were being transferred to the court that exact same day.

“What we can hear is,” Alvarez affirmed. “Mr. Newsome shout out ‘there he is, dealing with the cops, the ‘po-po.’ He likewise stated ‘you’re dealing with the White guy now.”

District Attorney, Pascale Achille, mentioned to the court that Allen was a material witness getting daunted by Newsome in the middle of statement procedures.

District Attorney Achille Asks Allen For Details Leading To XXX’s Death

“I heard that I was an authorities ass n—,” Allen informed Hon. Judge Michael Usan. “I work for the cops, I’m doing a white guy’s task and I’m a sell-out.”

“Were you able to recognize who it was that made these remarks,” Judge Usan asked Allen.

Allen recognized Newsome.

“I believe it’s a clear effort for him to attempt and alter the witness’ statement,” Achille stated. “to attempt and alter the result of this case.”

Throughout Achille’s interrogation with Allen, she likewise asked him to information the occasions leading up to the late rap artist, XXXTentacion’s death.

The security video of the event existed in court while Achille asked Allen concerns and supplied narrative as it played.

Achille likewise asked him to validate what he and the other accuseds that supposedly eliminated X, what they appeared like, what they became, and the interaction they had throughout the day, leading up to X’s murder.

The court is not anticipated to be in session on Feb. 10 however will resume on Feb. 13.

Day 1: Prosecutors Present Opening Statements

The trial for the murder of XXXTentacion was underway on Feb. 7 with district attorneys making their opening declarations. The implicated killers, Dedrick Williams26, Michael Boatwright28, Trayvon Newsome24, existed in court as opening declarations were in progress indicating the start of the trial.

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Opening declarations by the district attorney and attorneys existed at trial for the murder of the late rap artist, XXXTentacion, who was shot and eliminated on June 18, 2018.

The trial’s district attorney, Pascale Achille, read her opening declarations. She detailed how offenders Boatwright, Williams, and Newsome collaborated the burglary and murder of XXXTentacion.

Achille explained the day of the murder. She detailed that XXXTentacion, whose genuine name was Jahseh Onfroy, was with good friends wanting to buy a bike.

She likewise explained to the jurors the offenders set out to intentionally dedicate burglary and murder in 2018, at Riva Motorsports in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

“They Flash It Like It’s Christmas Day”

In the opening declaration by Achille, she explained the after-effects of the murder, with the accuseds flashing cash and other taken personal belongings of the killed rap artist.

“They go on social networks and begin boasting that they have this increase of money,” Achille stated. “They flash it like it’s Christmas Day.”

Achille utilized examples of monitoring videos, cellular phone places, and social networks images that would all be noted as proof to validate each offender condemned.

Achille noted a number of witnesses that she would utilize to recognize who shot XXX and the occasions that took place in the past and after the burglary.

Boatwright’s legal representative, Joseph Kimok, safeguarded his customer in his opening declaration and declared his innocence following Achille’s opening discussion.

“Michael Boatwright is innocent,” Kimok stated. “The cops in 2018 detained the incorrect man.”

The 4th accused, Robert Allen, was not present in court throughout opening declarations. Allen, who plead guilty in August 2022, has actually likewise accepted affirm versus his co-defendants– Boatwright, Newsome, and Williams.

Allen pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and burglary with a gun. He will be sentenced on Feb. 23.

Witnesses in the trial might consist of rap artists Drake Tekashi 6ix9ine 600 Breezy Offset, and Quavo

Opening Statements Begin

After jury choice lasted over 3 weeks, opening declarations started Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 10:45 am. SOHH’s very first day of main trial protection will start on Feb. 7. Stay tuned as SOHH will be supplying non-stop updates.

Continuous Jury Selection

Jury choice continued for the murder trial of XXXTentacion. Opening declarations are anticipated to happen the week of Monday, Feb. 6.

5 Things To Know As The Trial Commences

3 Heading To Trial

The following 3 out of 4 suspects, Dedrick Williams (26 ), Trayvon Newsome (24 ), and Michael Boatwright (28 ), will be dealing with trial for the murder of the late rap artist XXXTentacion. All 3 guys, likewise charged with heist, might get life sentences if founded guilty of first-degree murder.

Last August, Robert Allen (26) was the only suspect to plead guilty to second-degree murder. According to detectives, monitoring video and other proof connect the offenders to the killing.

At the time of his death, XXXtentacion likewise had a variety of charges compared to him. He was set to stand trial for domestic abuse prior to his unforeseen death, according to Law and Crime reports. The late South Florida rap artist got fast appeal that landed him an American Music Award for preferred Soul and R&B for his17′ album in 2018. A year later on, in 2019, he likewise got a posthumous honor, almost one year after his unfortunate death at the Billboard Music Award for Top R&B Album for 17′.

Judge Rules On Gang Expert

Prior to jury choice, the defense tried to have Jesse De La Cruz, a previous gang leader, and founded guilty felon, affirm. De La Cruz, started at 13, belonged to 2 street gangs prior to altering his life and making a doctorate on how gangs put in social control in neighborhoods.

“The gangs you have in Florida, that resemble the Crips or the Bloods, are initially from California, so they have the very same attributes, the exact same subtleties, as the ones there,” De La Cruz stated. The judge later on ruled that the gang professional would not be permitted.

Witnesses In XXXTentacion’s Murder Trial

Due to a considerable quantity of swirling web reports, a number of rap artists have actually been called as witnesses in the murder case of the late Florida rap artist. The rap artists on the witness list consist of chart-topping rap artist Drakewith whom X had a continuous fight– and others, consisting of Chicago rap artist 600 Breezy Tekashi 6ix9ineand Migos members: Quavo Offset, and late artist Departurewho died in November.

According to Signboardthe witness list was at first sent by Miami defense lawyer Mauricio Padilla, who likewise represents Dedrick Williams– the supposed vacation chauffeur. The rap artists are not obliged to appear in court.

Arrests Made For The Murder Of XXXTentacion

In July 2018, A Florida grand jury prosecuted the 4 guys on first-degree murder and heist charges in the deadly shooting of the “HOPE” rap artist.

Dedrick Williams and Robert Allen were seen on security electronic cameras where the late rap artist was shopping. A shop clerk declared he saw Williams buying a black neoprene mask and acknowledged him as a repeat consumer.

According to Miami Police, Williams was jailed throughout a traffic drop in Pompano Beach 2 days after XXXTentacion’s murder, and Michael Boatwright was jailed for unassociated drug charges quickly after.

Allen, who pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, was tracked and jailed by U.S. Marshals in Macon, Georgia. 7 weeks after the shooting, Trayvon Newsome, likewise determined as the 2nd shooter, gave up to authorities.

XXXTentacion Shot And Killed

Authorities mentioned XXXTentacion was leaving Riva Motorsports in Deerfield Beach, FL, with a pal when an SUV obstructed his BMW on June 18, 2018. 2 masked shooters then approached the chauffeur’s window, where one shot XXX and got the late rap artist’s Louis Vuitton bag consisting of $50K prior to scampering.

The Miami Herald reported XXX had actually formerly stopped at Bank of America and withdrew the $50K in 100 dollar costs. In addition, Boatwright is thought to have actually been the suspect who shot, leading to the rap artist’s death.

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