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It may have lost about half of its workforce.

  • 1 day ago by Liam Doolan
Actually, Canadian independent game developer Brace Yourself Games (known for the Switch exclusive Cadence of Hyrule) has reduced “part” of its workforce.

Brace Yourself Games confirmed the “exceptionally tough choice” to lay off employees in the statement that it published with PC Gamer. It covered how it would offer severance packages and support services to individuals affected.

Senior management of Brace Yourself Games made the incredibly difficult decision to fire some of the company’s employees yesterday. This decision was not made lightly because we value our talented and devoted employees very highly.

We are providing severance plans and assistance services as part of our commitment to our employees to support anyone impacted by this decision. In order to continue meeting the needs of our players, we are also striving to address the impact on our remaining staff members.

In spite of layoffs – deal with the brand-new video game Rift of the NecroDancer and the Crypt of the NecroDancer: Synchrony DLC together with particular other tasks will continue, however some other “unannounced” video games have actually apparently been “shelved”.

Former Brace Yourself Games senior producer Crystal Savin mentioned on social media how nearly half of the designer’s labour force has actually been cut, as noted by the website Game Developer:

I recently experienced a 50% reduction in labour force at my studio after only working there for four months, I’m disclosing with (extreme) heavy heart.

According to the 43 employees listed on the Brace Yourself Games LinkedIn page that work at the Vancouver studio, there may only be a little more than 20 people left. In recent times, other employees have also written about leaving the company.

We’ll let you know if we learn of any updates.

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