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If ripping open cardboard boxes is your idea of a good time, you’re in luck. After much speculation, Simple Games and Witch Beam have confirmed that Unloading will launch on iOS and Android on August 24. Today, you can pre-order the iOS version for only $10. This has been a long time coming, considering the game didn’t debut on consoles and PCs until 2021, but it could be useful if you’re unfamiliar with the premise.

Unloading combines puzzle-solving with home-building. As a mysterious person relocates to your home, you’ll need to make room for their belongings. Setting up a kid’s room or the family kitchen with no time constraints or other pressure can be really relaxing. Its storytelling technique is really ingenious. Instead than relying on dialogue, you learn about a woman by following her around and watching what she brings with her. Because of how almost blank the title is, it can be enjoyed by a wide variety of people.

The transition to mobile hasn’t drastically altered the game. Because you can drag items with a finger and get haptic input, the designers of Unloading say it’s “ideal” for touch. Whether or if that is accurate, the flexibility may be enticing. If you’ve recently moved to a new place, this could be the best game to play while you wait for your usual gaming equipment to arrive.

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The video game isn’t altering considerably with the relocate to mobile. The designers argue Unloading is “ideal” for touch as you can drag things with your finger and sense the world through haptic feedback. Whether that’s real, the mobility might be appealing. This might be the most proper video game to play when you’ve simply relocated to a brand-new location– you can fire it up while your typical video gaming hardware is still stored.

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