An Influencer Created an AI Version

Envision yourself with an online partner who is as perceptive and responsive as a real person. This concept has been realised by Caryn Marjorie, a 23-year-old influencer. CarynAI is a voice-based chatbot that provides a unique virtual relationship experience, and it has already attracted a large number of paying clients because to its utilisation of cutting-edge expert system technology and incorporation of hours of Marjorie’s personal recordings.

Individuals want to spend for the chance to engage with this virtual sweetheart.

The purpose of CarynAI is to provide a service that mimics human interaction as closely as possible. The chatbot mimics Marjorie’s voice, demeanour, and idiosyncrasies by drawing on extensive recordings and data from her actual self. Because of this thoroughness, interacting with CarynAI feels as natural as if you were talking to human Marjorie.

The “virtual sweetheart,” or virtual chatbot, allows customers to have voice conversations for a dollar a minute. “I am one of the rare developers who takes the time to reply to as many users as I can.” I want to be able to talk to everyone at once, and CarynAI will accomplish that and a lot more, the influencer says.

You can talk with her about any provided subject.

The topics of the small conversation range from people’ personal experiences and thoughts to future plans and even sweet nothings: The real Caryn says, “Whether you need someone to be soothing or caring, or just want to tirade about something that happened at school or work, CarynAI will always be there for you.” Over the past week, CarynAI has amassed an impressive 71,610 in revenue from over a thousand paying clients. The astute developer may become a multimillionaire almost overnight at this rate.

A virtual sweetheart like CarynAI, built on top of artificial intelligence, may provide a sense of connection and happiness to individuals seeking companionship in the modern era of online dating and the unpredictable world of dating apps.

Extreme Individuals/SideFor just $1 per minute, you can have this influencer’s artificial intelligence version of herself as your girlfriend.

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