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A former business associate of Rudy Giuliani’s is suing him for $10 million for unwelcome sexual approaches, alleging that the former mayor of New York City committed “illegal abuses of power” and a “comprehensive sexual attack.” Photograph of swimming pool submitted by Chris Kleponis/UPI|License Photo

Dated May 16 (UPI) The former mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani, is facing a $10 million unwelcome sexual advances claim filed by a former service partner who accuses him of “illegal abuses of power, comprehensive sexual attack and harassment, wage theft, and other misbehaviour.”

Former Giuliani business executive Noelle Dunphy filed the claim on Monday in New York’s highest court.

According to the 70-page lawsuit: “He explained that pleasing his sexual needs—which came basically anytime, anywhere—was an outright requirement of her work and of his legal representation.”

“He was continuously pushing her, making sexual remarks, sexual remarks, to her, about her, and about himself,” Dunphy’s attorney Justin Kelton said. Our client claims that “when they were supposed to be working, he would then search her and try to start sexual contact.”

The suit further alleges that Giuliani failed to fulfil an earlier promise to pay Dunphy $1 million in annual income.

The complaint states that Giuliani gave “pro bono legal representation” to Dunphy in connection with a dispute with a violent ex-partner, but warned her that her work would be “kept ‘trick.'” According to the complaint, Giuliani told Dunphy he was postponing her salary because of his ongoing divorce.

That “Giuliani started needing Ms. Dunphy to operate at his house and out of hotel spaces so that she would be at his beck and call,” the complaint reads, is accurate. He drank first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day, and last thing at night, so it was impossible to predict his behaviour.

The lawsuit also states that the former mayor often took Viagra and exposed himself while working with Dunphy, which “frequently required that Dunphy worked naked, or in other words shorts.”

She claims she had “objected, plainly,” on several occasions, and that “he did not appreciate those objections,” as Kelton put it.

Giuliani allegedly went on drunken rants where he made “sexist, racist, and antisemitic remarks,” which led to an uncomfortable work atmosphere.

Dunphy allegedly recorded some of her conversations with Giuliani, and Giuliani “chuckled off,” claiming he might not be sued as President Trump’s personal attorney.

According to the complaint, Giuliani also gave Dunphy access to his email inbox, which featured threaded communications with Trump, former attorneys general, and former secretary of state.

On Monday, Giuliani’s attorney Ted Goodman sent a statement to CBS News in which he denied the allegations.

Goodman said, “Mayor Rudy Giuliani categorically rejects the allegations made by Ms. Dunphy, and every news outlet covering this story should include the reality that an ex-partner implicated her of being ‘an escort that fleeces rich guys.'”

Goodman said, “He also stated she ‘extolled acquiring $5 million’ from the kid of a successful Wall Street banker, using a phoney rape accusation in 2011.

Giuliani’s record of public service speaks for itself, and he is committed to exploring all possible resolutions and counterclaims.

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