Battery recycler Cirba Solutions is expanding in anticipation of electric vehicles.

Cirba Solutions

In the coming years, Cirba Solutions, a brand-new battery recycler founded by a company with years of industry experience, plans to expand its electrical car battery recycling service seven-fold.

Local centres will be the key to Cirba Solutions’ future success.

While touring the company’s plant outside of Detroit, CEO David Klanecky said, “The name of the game is to make sure we’ve got areas where we can position products close to our customers and also offer that product back close to where the clients will be constructing new batteries for the market.”

The company currently has 6 plants, but in the next 5 years, that number will virtually treble. Presently, Cirba Solutions operates facilities in Wixom, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, Anaheim, California, Mesa, British Columbia, Lancaster, Ohio, and Baltimore, Ohio, both in the Columbus area. The flagship facility for Cirba Solutions would debut the following year at the seventh centre close to Columbia, South Carolina.

Cirba Solutions, a small player in the cutthroat field of battery recycling, relies on established connections with automakers, battery producers, cathode producers, and others.

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Editorial: It is inappropriate for California to limit autonomous trucks.

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