To compete with other midsize pickup trucks, the 2024 Toyota Tacoma has a brand-new optional hybrid powertrain, improved flight, and a significant technology improvement.

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Hawaii’s WAIMEA No nameplate in Toyota’s U.S. lineup, possibly with the exception of the RAV4 compact crossover, is more important to the brand than the Tacoma midsize pickup. This is true both in terms of sales and in terms of how it continues to dominate the competition, albeit less firmly than in the past.

With the updated 2024 Toyota Tacoma arriving at American auto stores this year, the Japanese manufacturer hopes to improve its previously vicelike hold on the important market while shoving aside recently improved offerings from Detroit 3 rivals.

The Tacoma’s market share in the United States reached a record high of 65.1 percent in 2013, as other automakers abandoned midsize trucks in favour of the more profitable full-size pickups. Their reappearance a few years later began to erode Toyota’s hegemony: According to Automotive News Research & & Data, by 2018, the Tacoma’s share of the segment had actually declined to 46.9 percent, and by 2022, it had dropped to 39 percent.

Late on Thursday, Toyota revealed the newest Tacoma to the press in this area.

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Midsize pickup sales in the US in 2022

237,323 Toyota Tacomas
89,197 Chevrolet Colorado
Nissan Frontier 76,183, Ford Ranger 57,005, Honda Ridgeline 42,762, Jeep Gladiator 77,855, and GMC Canyon 27,819

Research & Data Centre for Automotive News

Dave Christ, the head of Toyota Motor North America’s Toyota Division, said that “our dealerships have actually been extremely involved” in the development of the updated Tacoma. We worked with them to establish and create the truck, and we think we met every request made in the section.

Given the brand’s experience unveiling the redesigned Tundra two years prior, Christ says he anticipates a significant response for the new Tacoma.

“It works pretty well. Dealerships are on fire. The new Tundra represents a significant step forward when compared to the previous generation, and the Tacoma will give dealerships the same impression, according to Christ. The [current] Tacoma has held up well over time and is still doing quite well, but this new model is just badass.

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The Tacoma continues to be a cornerstone for the brand, according to Danny Wilson, immediate past president of the Toyota National Dealer Advisory Council and current member of the council’s item committee.

It’s well-known, especially on the West Coast. There aren’t many Toyota employees who don’t have a Tacoma or Camry tale to share, according Steve Wilson, the dealership principal at Wilson Toyota of Ames in Iowa. He claims that the Tacoma “has actually become a staple for everyone, too. When you control that much of a market, it becomes an example of the brand name across the board.

The updated Tacoma offers Toyota the option to scale both the developments and the lessons learned from the launches of the revised Tundra full-size pickup and Sequoia large SUV. It is the third of 4 body-on-frame U.S. trucks to migrate onto the Japanese automaker’s brand-new F1 platform. Next year, the updated 4Runner midsize SUV will complete the Toyota Four Brothers circuit.

Similar to the Tundra and Sequoia, the Tacoma’s downsized powertrain and improved suspension are the most significant changes in the redesign.

The basic turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, which can generate up to 278 horsepower and 317 pound-feet of torque, has replaced the V-6 engine from the previous generation. A hybridised variant is available and offers a combined 326 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual gearbox will be readily available on the base SR trim while an eight-speed automated gearbox will be standard on the bulk of Tacoma variants.

In addition, some trim levels of the Tacoma will have a multilink rear suspension in place of the leaf springs seen on the current model. However, leaf springs will continue to be standard equipment on the SR, SR5 XtraCab, and TRD PreRunner trims. According to Toyota, four-wheel disc brakes, an electronic parking brake, and electrical power steering are now standard equipment.


Screens inside the cabin operate the cockpit console. Toyota’s voice-activated Audio Multimedia System, which made its debut on the Tundra, will be available on the Tacoma. Either the standard 8-inch touchscreen or the optional 14-inch center-mounted touchscreen will house it. Lower trim levels come standard with a 7-inch gauge instrument cluster, while higher-end trims come with a 12.3-inch digital gauge cluster that can be customised.

According to Toyota, increased storage under the back seat on non-hybrid models and a flat-folding rear seat back to make it simpler to transport larger items inside the cabin both improve storage.

The lineup has 8 trim levels, starting with the base SR, SR5, and Limited trims. PreRunner, Sport, Off-Road, and Pro are the four TRD trims, each designed with a specific primary use case in mind. A new Trailhunter trim, according to Toyota, offers an off-road vehicle that comes factory-equipped with typical aftermarket accessories from ARB, Old Man Emu, and Rigid.

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0, the most recent version of the automaker’s suite of driver-assistance and security technology, will be standard on all Tacoma models. This technology includes proactive driving assistance, lane-departure and lane-tracing assistance, active cruise control, and lane-departure warning.

Before the non-hybrid versions of the updated Tacoma go on sale later this year, prices and fuel economy ratings will be made public, according to Toyota. Early in 2024, hybrid variants are scheduled to begin shipping to dealers.

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