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The Golden Boy’ has been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately. Fans and fans were still coming to terms with Oscar De La Hoya and Ryan Garcia’s heated internet exchange.Then it’s revealed that the former world champion-turned-promoter has filed a claim countering his charge, which is a very big deal. De Le Hoya, despite the developments, is an optimist who prefers to look forward. The fighting mentality that propelled him to the top of boxing’s ranks is on full display in his latest tweet from early today.

For the second half of the year, De La Hoya has consolidated a lot of his activities. Plans are in the works to bring back Jaime Mungua and William Zepeda while Vergil Ortiz Jr. faces off against Eimantas Stanionist.Most importantly, he thinks Ryan Garcia is going to have a huge fight.

Oscar De La Hoya, on the go!

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A user by the name of Jose Miranda said that De La Hoya is the best promoter in boxing because he is the only fighter to operate a professional marketing company. Miranda has urged all boxing fans to fully back him because of the work he is doing for the sport.

The top marketer in the industry. Only former boxer with a top-tier advertising firm. Everyone who cares about boxing should applaud and respect your dedication to the sport.

The next user urged Eddie Hearn’s Golden Boy Promotions to study with Matchroon, saying that the latter creates some of the best competitions. By pitting two formidable competitors against one another, you ensure that both of your businesses will flourish.


The best fights are installed by Golden Kid. Superb pairing, tremendous promotion of rising stars. Matchroom needs British pounds for business. Okay, OscarDeLaHoya, here we go!

Chris Strait, adopting a new tactic, mentioned that in 1997, De La Hoya fought five times. He argues that it’s necessary to bring back that part. According to Strait, boxing has taken a back seat due to a lack of participation.

In 1997, you engaged in five fights. In other words, please bring THAT back. Actually, people’s laziness has relegated the sport to the background.

A person seems to be blocked. He used to respect Oscar De La Hoya as a boxer, but now he thinks Oscar De La Hoya’s promotions are subpar. The Davis-Garcia fight was a perfect example of this. The user predicted that ‘KingRy’ will try to swiftly find a way out of the contract.

I used to like the fighter he was, but the truth is he’s a terrible promoter, and it’s really revealing ever since the Tank fight. I hope Ryan gets out of the arrangement soon.

You have ruined your reputation.

Yet another commenter cautioned De La Hoya against immersing himself in make-believe. He only has two average fighters at his disposal. According to the user, a third adversary plans to file a case against him.

What a crazy fool they must be. He’s being sued by someone who wants out of his contract and two average boxers. No one would be inspired by that.

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Everyone was caught off guard by the unexpected encounter with Garcia online. De La Hoya told the young boxer to take responsibility for his defeat to Gervonta Davis in April after reading several tweets in which he expressed deep dissatisfaction.

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To learn more about why Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions filed a claim against Ryan Garcia, check out this story.

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The online run-in with Garcia took everybody by surprise. Encountering a number of tweets from the young fighter who is bitterly dissatisfied after the embarrassing loss to Gervonta Davis in April, De La Hoya, informed him to accept the duty for the defeat.

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