PlayStation Plus Monthly Games for July 2023 Announced


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Sony Computer Entertainment has unveiled the July 2023 games that will be available as part of the PlayStation Plus subscription service. Starting on Tuesday, July 4, 2023, and running through Monday, July 31, 2023, you can purchase these video games.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Cross-Gen Bundle for PS5 and PS4, Alan Wake Remastered for PS4 and PS5, and Endling: Extinction is Forever are this month’s PlayStation Plus games. They’ll be easily accessible as of the fourth of July, Tuesday.

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Bundle for PS4, PS5, and PC with Call of Duty: Black Ops II: The Cold War

In Black Ops Cold War, players are thrust into the chaotic geopolitical struggle of the early 1980s, when the Cold War was at its height. Experience famous locations and historical characters firsthand as you battle throughout the globe in East Berlin, Vietnam, Turkey, the Soviet KGB headquarters, and more. Follow a mysterious figure’s lead as an elite operator on a mission to disrupt the global power structure and change history. Join the likes of Woods, Mason, and Hudson, as well as a new group of operatives, as they descend into the depths of a global conspiracy to foil a plan that has been in the works for years. In addition to the Campaign, Cold War also introduces cutting-edge weapons and gadgets to Multiplayer and Zombies. Exhilarating Multiplayer and Zombies encounters are now possible with Cold War’s arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

Re-release of Alan Wake for PS4, PS5

Remedy Entertainment’s (Control, Max Payne) acclaimed cinematic action game returns to the bizarre town of Bright Falls with updated visuals and new features. Alan Wake, distraught about the disappearance of his wife, Alice, begins a frantic search for her. When she mysteriously vanishes from the Pacific Northwest village of Bright Falls, he discovers the pages of a horror story he supposedly wrote, but cannot recall. As the story unfolds before his eyes, page by page, Wake is forced to question his sanity: a hostile existence of magical darkness is seizing control of everyone it discovers, turning them against him. However, he has no choice but to confront the powers of darkness with nothing more than a torch, a revolver, and what little sanity he still possesses. He must go through the terrifying depths of the night to find answers to the mind-bending secret he faces.

Extinction Is Forever | PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

In this environmentally conscious experience, you’ll see the world through the eyes of the last fox on Earth. Learn about the destructive impact humans have on the natural world when they destroy, pollute, and exploit its most precious resources. Protect your little furry friends as you go through a variety of 3D side-scrolling environments, feeding them as they grow and developing their own unique personalities and problems. Make use of the anonymity of night to guide your litter to safety. The next move you and your cubs make could be your last, so spend the day recuperating in a makeshift den and planning ahead.

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