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2023 Panama City World Triathlon Coaching Clinic

Events for the Development Regional Cup continue to be held by Americas Triathlon all around Latin America. Both Panama and Costa Rica held not only races but also numerous professional athlete and coach development positions in the month of July.

Panama City hosted a training centre with Javier Mon (ESP) and Ultiminio Alvarez (MEX). The primary focus of the facility was to disseminate academic and practical knowledge on triathlon training. The centre offers 12 hours of in-person sessions with content related to the World Triathlon Level 2 Coaches Course. People dove headfirst into the theory and practise of training programmes by putting themselves in real-world circumstances and resolving a wide range of training show jobs for a variety of levels of competition, professional athletes, and training settings. When determining the training load for these case studies, coaches considered all aspects of conditioning. The measurements that were taken in advance of the Development Regional Cups provided the data for the examples. Topics that pertain to the development of professional athletes across time, from youth to elite, will be covered.

Africa to host the very first Development Regional Cup occasion in Kenya

Following the success of the Americas Triathlon, the first African event of its kind will take place in Diani, Kenya, at the beginning of August. World Triathlon Development will host the 2023 Diani World Triathlon Technical Officials Level 1 Seminar as well as a number of other workshops geared towards the development of elite athletes and coaches.

Sierra Leone made its launching amongst TRI Certified Level 1 Coaches

The 9 coaches who committed countless hours to finishing their online research for the 2023 Port Loko OS – World Triathlon Coaches Level 1 Course have accomplished something truly extraordinary. Some of them are located in outlying areas that lack reliable Internet and sometimes even reliable electricity. Coach hopefuls used their mobile devices as a learning resource, proving that anyone can participate in World Triathlon’s Coaches’ Courses.

The president of the national federation, Mr. Winston Crowther, has joined the ranks of the World Triathlon Certified Level 1 Coaches; congratulations to everybody!
Ms. Dinnis Kadwin, Mr. Alfred T. Sesay, Mr. Amidu Papa Kamara Ms. Mariama D. Rollings-Kamara, Mr. Ibrahim A. Turay, Mr. Lansana Conteh, and Ms. Sarah Migangi Winston D. C. Crowther, Mohamed Madieu Barrie, Mohamed F. A. W. Sesay

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