Ice Cube's BIG3 Game Takes Over Spectrum Center In Charlotte

Games Recently, the Spectrum Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina, home of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets, hosted Ice’s BIG3 19459004 video game. Games were played between squads of former college and professional basketball players. There were two halves to each round, and the winner was declared based on whose string scored 50 points first. The squads were coached by NBA legends and Hall of Famers from the past. Frost 249 Likes 19659005 There were five video games played at the Spectrum Centre in a single day, and they all drew large crowds. 19459003 The 19459004 Triplets prevailed over the 19459003 Ball Hogs 19459004 by a score of 50-34, and the 19459004 Trilogy defeated the 19459004 Ghost Ballers 19459004 by the same score. 19659006 The 19459003 Killer 3’s won an incredible game, 51-46, over the 19459003 Power 19459004. Notably, the Killer 3’s included former NBA great Josh Powell on their roster and were coached by former NBA star Charles Oakley. Nancy Lieberman, a legend in women’s basketball, coached a team of ex-NBA players called Power. Cuttino Mobley, Royce White, and Glen Rice all debuted in 1945. Three’s Company Takes on the Bad Guys (19659007) 19659008 Other games included 19459003 3’s Company 19459004 defeating The Opponents 19459004 50-42, and 19459004 Tri-State triumphing against Bivouac 51-40. Former NBA player Michael Beasley gave a standout performance in 19459003 3’s Company 19459004, alongside fellow cast members Mario Chalmers and Tony Allen. Their 19659010 opponents, coached by NBA veteran Gilbert Arenas, had several former NBA players. Nick Young, Quincy Miller, and Jordan Crawford (all from 19459003) Previous NBA standout Jason Richardson, along with teammates Justin Dentman and Devin Ebanks, put on a show for Tri-State, coached by NBA icon Julius “Dr. J” Erving 19459011. Former players Gerald Green 19459004, Corey Brewer 19459004, and Ryan Hollins 19459003 were assembled by NBA legend and coach Gary Payton (19459003) to form the Bivouac. 19459004 The First Signs of Ice Appear 19659014 Throughout the day of games, Ice was at courtside, showing his support. At the end of each game, he thanked the spectators for their support. BIG3 video games will be played in Little Caesars Arena, the home of the Detroit Pistons, in Detroit, the next stop on the tour. 19459004 19659015 In the past, Ice has been quite critical of the NBA 19459003, believing that they are conspiring against him and the BIG3. They are “blackballing” him, he has said. “The League” (19659016): A Look Inside the Black Underground Organisations Director Sam Pollard (19459003) recently spoke about his passion for uncovering hidden chapters of history in an interview with the documentary The League (19459019). The interview sheds light on the film’s impact and the importance of bringing attention to underappreciated tales. Samuel Chris 19659019

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