Consent for significant Nottingham bioscience job


245,000 square feet of lab and office space will be provided by two structures connected at the higher levels by a glass connection.

The Poplar Street project, designed by CPMG Architects, details the recording of the Area 106 configuration.

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“We are thrilled that the next stage of advancement has actually been authorised,” said Robert Ware, chief executive of Conygar.

The concept will be a fantastic addition to the mixed-use development we are building at The Island Quarter. Nottingham is already home to many exceptional bioscience enterprises.

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glazed pavements will connect the buildings.

Grey brickwork and off-white terracotta façade modules with gold metal plant screens and entryway surrounds will be used to enclose the structure.


For flow areas, clear glass will be used, and for repaired desks and lab benching, ceramic-backed spandrels.

Studio Egret West has really created external landscaping that echoes the goal for the entire website. This landscaping includes rainwater gardens, medical vegetation, as well as an ecology-focused street connecting this most recent stage of deal with the rest of the Island Quarter.

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300 x 250 MPU 1

DRS Construction Enquirer MPU July 2020 st3C

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